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VBAC in Metro Detroit

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I am pregnant with my second child and planning for a VBAC.  I am not interested in a home birth, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to set myself up to be successful.

It seems as though none of the alternative birth centers will do a VBAC and several nurse midwifes that I have called don't do them either.

Any recommendations?

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If you have your VBAC in a hospital (as I did), you will be pushed to stick to hospital "rules" for VBAC...IV, fetal monitoring, etc.  You can still have an unmedicated, vaginal birth, but it is difficult under hospital rules -- you'll have to practice your NO firmly ahead of time.  Get yourself a doula who knows your wishes and start practicing birth hypnosis.  Also get in touch with ICAN: http://www.icanofannarbormi.org/

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There is only the one alternative birth center in the Detroit area. However, I know that Greenhouse in Okemos (Lansing area) and Mother's Own in Temperance (Toledo area) both do VBACs

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Mama, check out Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. The midwives there do vbacs, but have some different rules than a lot of the other hospitals around. They do not require continuous fetal monitoring (barring other complications) and have a midwife with you for the duration of your birth.



Best wishes for your vbac! 

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I just had a successful vbac and attribute much of the success to an awesome OB. He was always encouraging and confident. He is pro-vbac and epidural-free birth (but he's okay with an epi if you want it--? He's just aware that births usually go better without one).

The doc is in Ann Arbor- Dr Phil Fleming. His practice is called Caritas-- he delivers at St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.

I think the phone is 734.712.1990....off the top of my head...
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