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I know I already posted for this month but DD said the cutest thing a couple of days ago. She's decided that she's going to be a doctor when she grows up because she wants to help other people with their "booboos". Mostly she thinks it's covered by giving a kiss and putting on a bandaid but she is really interested in other people's aches and pains.rolleyes.gif She'll even have all her stuffed animals get hurt and then she goes and helps them.  I really need to get her an anatomy book (obviously a very simple one) too because she's just so interested in all the body parts.


pranava- I'm really looking forward to the Narnia books too! I normally tell DD a few stories before bedtime (the light has too be off, though, so no reading) and I started telling her about Lucy going into the wardrobe and she was really excited. love.gif

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Dessismama!  Thank you so much for sharing. I especially like the second piece.  It looked like those kids were enjoying themselves playing it, too.

Thanks so much! We like the second piece more also!! The chamber group kids are a great bunch! They are having a blast together every Saturday! DS is now working on the second movement of the piano quintet, called "Stuff I Need Later."

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ellemenope, your daughter reminds me so much of my older DD.  your DD's focus on time and birthdays reminded me that my daughter talked a lot about that at that age too, and the next step was a bit of an obsession with mortality and death. one of the things i really appreciated about this board was that it helped me understand how intense it can be when very young gifted kids grapple with death. hopefully it won't be as big an issue for your daughter as it was for mine, but i thought i'd just mention it in case you haven't prepared yet for talking about it with her.


she's 5.5 now and we still talk about it every day. on a cheerier note though, she's loving kindergarten! her teacher has been great about giving her more advanced math to do at school and even loaned me some fun books. mostly though she's into playing angry birds and cut the rope on the ipod. she's good!!


my younger DD is 2.5 and still a total ham. lately she's been having lots of tantrums because she's frustrated by the things she can't do. it's tough, her gross and fine motor skills are pretty average (probably her fine motor are a bit above average i guess. you know, i really have no concept of average, so who knows). anyway, they're not where she wants them to be, and it's hard. so she nurses a lot!

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I posted in the last thread about DD deciding to teach herself cursive with the help of some worksheets from the web. She is doing quite well with it when she has the sheets to look at--really, it looks amazingly good. However, she has also decided to do her schoolwork in cursive. rolleyes.gif: At school she doesn't have access to the practice sheets, so her attempts are a bit more...interesting. This week's spelling test came back with "Please do not write in cursive" on it. (She still got them all right, but legibility was a bit impaired.) I've told her "No cursive at school," which strikes me as a bit backwards, but, well, there we are.
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Loraxc -- that's so funny. My dd has also decided to teach herself cursive! I'd gotten a Handwriting Without Tears workbook for ds (since they don't do cursive in school anymore), and she wanted one. She's about halfway through and her cursive writing in the book is really quite impressive! Outside the book, great for the letters she's practiced, not so hot for the others. I really like the HWT method, by the way. It results in a very legible cursive.


Last night, dd wanted to do some multidigit addition, and she's been able to figure out 'regrouping' the numbers with little trouble. She still has a little trouble in the execution, but the concepts are all there.


Her piano playing has also really taken off. It's no longer a fight to get her to practice. She's really understood the concept of chords and can now transpose any of the songs she plays into 2-3 different keys. That is due to the method she's being taught by, I think, but I'm still impressed.

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I haven't posted in one of these threads in a while, but remembered a couple of fun things to share...

DS (almost 9) is a book fiend. He's been devouring the Anne of Green Gables series faster than my mom can furnish him with her old copies. He's also been very taken with The Mysterious Benedict Society (I got him the first one from Book Pig). Yesterday, while having a babywearing meeting at the library, he found the 2nd story in the Mysterious Benedict Society series. Bouncing up and down, he started reading it while still in a room full of kids, including ones he'd particularly wanted to play with. This morning, he confessed to having finished the last hundred pages or so in bed last night. That was 440 pages in about 12 hours, with as many interruptions as I could manage for things like dinner and Valentines and saying hello to his visiting grandparents. lol.gif

At lunch yesterday (so during a reading break!), which was at a favorite dim sum restaurant we haven't been to in quite a while, DS pondered aloud, "I wonder why I'm such a picky eater," and then took a bite of his shiu mai (a Chinese dumpling with shrimp, pork, etc., and topped with roe). He was wondering why he doesn't like chocolate, apparently. winky.gif (I doubt that has much to do with giftedness, but it was highly amusing at the time!)

DS3 (who is 3) says the funniest things so often, and I never remember... But tonight, while at dinner at a tex-mex place, he decided he wanted more chips instead of his actual meal. I told him he couldn't have more chips because he needed to eat more "real food." "Did you say real food and pretend food?!" he squawked, entirely amused that I was telling him not to eat pretend food. I had to giggle that, at 3, that would be his immediate response. lol.gif

And now I'm falling asleep at the computer... Hope those make sense and are as amusing as they were IRL! lol.gif

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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post

At lunch yesterday (so during a reading break!), which was at a favorite dim sum restaurant we haven't been to in quite a while, DS pondered aloud, "I wonder why I'm such a picky eater," and then took a bite of his shiu mai (a Chinese dumpling with shrimp, pork, etc., and topped with roe). He was wondering why he doesn't like chocolate, apparently. winky.gif (I doubt that has much to do with giftedness, but it was highly amusing at the time!)

That's a good one.  thumb.gif

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LynnS, your daughter does remind me a lot of mine sometimes. Funny. I think she sees cursive as the obvious next exciting thing to do. I might get her a HWOT book--not sure.

So DD is writing a musical. She goes to a performing arts school (which we may be leaving next year...things like this make me hesitate!) so she knows what a script is, what choreography is, etc. The content of her musical is somewhat plagiarized from her current class play, but I figure that's okay, though I did explain a bit to her about that. Even so, it's pretty awesome. She has written two songs and devised dance routines to go with them and is working on the rest of the plot/lines now. All the characters speak in rhyme. She is really excited to actually recruit other kids to play roles and to perform this. She's always coming up with grand schemes like this (other examples include the plant sale she wanted to hold to raise money to help nature and the cat toys she made and wanted to sell to "help lost pets") and I never have the energy to make it happen, but if she actually finishes this I will do my best to make it happen in some way, somehow.

Sample lines:

Kitten 1: Oh my goodness, my mother is getting scared! Can't I do anything before I'm in despair?
Kitten 2: I am the oldest one, so I know what to do, but what if the others end up in dog stew?


I just got her the Brain Quest deck for grade 3. She really likes it. We have learned to divert her with mental tasks when she is going off the rails in one way or the another, so I think this will be great for in the car, etc. Some of the stuff is a bit easy but other stuff like geography, social studies, and some of the science hasn't really been covered for her, so it works out pretty well.
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DS usually takes somewhere between 30 to 90 min to fall asleep. As long as his need to twist and pull my hair is somewhat under control, he is not working through something that sends him into meltdowns or makes him attack me and I am not itching to get up and get something done (like take a shower...), I quite enjoy those times of intense togetherness!  


After storytime, lights out and prayer, DD will lie on one side of me, DS on the other, and by the dim glow of the nightlight we chat, cuddle and play. DS has become very good at speaking in a calm whisper so DD can drift off to sleep.


His current favourite storylines: we are dragons (I am mother dragon, he is a child dragon and DD of course a baby dragon), which involves fetching hot lava to drink from various volcanoes in the world because we like it hot (this is inspired by a book by Michael Ende). Today he offered me lava from Mts. Vesuvius and Etna, but regretted that Mt St. Helens was not on offer. He also has a fondness for lava from Santorin (which has mercifully been inactive for about 3000 years, being a popular holiday spot after all), but not so much from the Eyafjallajökull. We also had some lava from Kilauea and in order to clean our paws, some extra fresh lava from the upper earth mantle. He spewed fire on my feet which were cold and also fetched a hot lava tub to get them even warmer. It has also been determined that being a grown up dragon, I can spew 20 m, he can do 3 m and DD, being only a baby dragon, can only do sparks so far.


Another favourite storyline: we are star children (this is from a poem they learned for Christmas in preschool) and we enjoy watching rockets whizz past and soak up the heast from the exhaust blasts. (We are several thousnand degrees hot ourselves, of course.)


Tonight, just before falling asleep, he determined that we were astronauts going to sleep in the space shuttle taking off, cue a short recital from his favourite DVD to set the stage. then he started drifting off: "Did you hear that pop? That was us taking off...no it wasn't the first stage, the Space Shuttle does not have stages, just the fuel tank and two rockets" and he was gone.


I love those stories. I wish that, with Asperger's syndrome possibly in the picture, I would not have to worry now that it is mostly scripted, repetitive play...greensad.gif

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My seven month old has been saying words for many months, but in the last two weeks, her pronunciation has improved dramatically, so I've been finding it much easier to understand what she's saying, and being successful, she's been using a lot of two and three word phrases. She comforts herself by saying, "My baby, oh, my baby" (which is what I say to her when she needs comfort), and "mang" (mine) and "no" are regulars as well. She asks me to pick her up by saying, "Up, mama with her arms raised."


Today she asked to be picked up, and I often do this in stages with her, like first help her to sit up if she's laying down, by giving her my fingers and she pulls herself up, then she uses my fingers to stand up completely (she does sit independently since last month, but she likes to be assisted after diaper changes or when rising in the morning). When she came up to her feet from sitting today, she said, "There. Thank you," and had a big smile for me. Of course she actually said, "Dare. Tang-oo." She shouts, "Don do dat!" at her brothers, which they think is hilarious, but she doesn't. I receive She's also expressing a lot of pride in her accomplishments and calls me over to celebrate if I wasn't directly beside her. In my hands, she jumps up and down and giggles, "I did dat! I did dat!" She is an unusually happy baby. She regularly tries to eat my face. And pinches my neck skin. It is so much fun to watch her grow! love.gif


My boys are all doing amazing things, too.


My five year old is learning about Shaolin monks and participating in the group interest in Greek Myths and the creatures therein. They've branched out into Norse myths as well, and make lots of profound statements about the correlations between religions throughout history (they know a lot about Christianity as well,  and some about Islam). My six year old is practicing sword-fighting, kung-fu (his style) with his brothers, and writing jokes using drawings of objects to construct the letters. The jokes are at my expense, lol. He has a serious love of justice and clear-thinking these days- lots of discussion about logic. My seven year old seems so much like a young man, and not a little kid. He's a serious boy, and while he plays- a lot- he also has a sort of second life wherein he learns and practices skills in earnest the way a young adult does, for the purpose of bettering his life. He is very interested in philosophy as well, and he spends most of his discussions parsing ideas and thoughts using his internalised, systematic approach, and being very adept at it, it comes across as authoritative. My three year old is all about learning as many skills as he can, and doing so independently. He loves being naked and making up his own lyrics to songs. All of them loooove having the attention of their sister, and spend lots of time playing with her.


Actually, it seems bizarre to try to summarise what my children are doing. They have boundless energy for fourteen to sixteen hours each day, lead their own play and education, are disappointed every night that they must stop for a bit to sleep, talk all day, read all day, practice skills in everything they do, role play, write, spell, and tell stories, make up games, play old games but make up new rules, navigate the computer, make hand-bound books (using a hole-punch, wire or string, and tape usually) prepare and eat their own concoctions, eat mine, draw, draw, draw, sculpt, use tools in expected and very unexpected ways, etc... They just do stuff- lots of it. All day. They're just wild humans. It's all amazing. love.gif

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I love reading all the stories, and am happy that I can share my story here. We went on holiday with another family, with a same aged child and the father commented on how advanced DS is, knowing the alphabet, trying to spell words and to write. It always makes me feel a bit akward. But not here...


We just figured out that DS can count quantities and do simple adding until 10. He counts until 30 or so, but gets bored then. He is "reading" stories to me (he was 'reading' my book this morning, and telling me a story that he made up himself). He can read simple words, but doesn't like to demonstrate or show us. DH was reading words on billboards the wrong way (right to left) and DS was correcting him. He told DH, you know a lot of words, but you read the wrong way. You need to practise more. :)


DS can also cut along a line with scissors and he draws smilies now. Heads with eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair. And emotions. One was crying because "dad isn't home, he needs to work". He also started drawing animals, he drew an elephant and a snail which were about as good as I can do them. He also started referring to himself as I, and not his name anymore.


We got a free spot at a really good preschool (it's called Kindergarten here, but it starts at 3y old) as of August this year. He's worrying about going without me, DH or our nanny and asks a lot of questions. Whether we would pick him up if he doesn't like it, will there be girls in his group, will the teacher be nice, etc. So we're reading books about going to Kindergarten, and talk a lot to take his anxiety away.


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As always, love reading these.

Dd read aloud a whole chapter of a magic treehouse book yesterday. You could discern when she started flagging after a couple pages. She finished it in two sittings. Of course she'll sit and listen to a whole book and then some. She was also reading the flower fairy poems not from the matching cd and making up tunes for them. I remember when a mo Willems book was too long and I can't believe the poetic syntax doesn't confound her. She reads everything everywhere now.

The stories are endless and amazing and she's really gotten into writing on her own. When we look back at her stuff it'll look like a step backwards but it's cuz now she's sounding it all out and deciding where on the page to squeeze the letters. Totally on her own. Also some lovely drawings.

I'm really excited there's a new option at the gate certified charter school for four days of homeschooling and one of classes. It seems ideal for us. She can't go until fall 2012 but it's nice it exists! I'm going to start looking into it bc we'd be signing up (possibly for a lottery) in a year.

Meanwhile we are doing the rainforest for our theme right now and learning a lot!
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DD counted past 50 the other day, and then I actually got her to perform the first half of the state song for the camera.  I swear she would know the entire thing by now, I just can't remember it, and she learned it from me singing it in the car.  I always get hung up on New Jersey so we just end it there.  She LOVES states.  We used to bribe her with state facts to eat.  Enjoy!


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Hey! I'm on here again, because dd (7 months) started crawling tonight! She's been using her body in all sorts of creative ways to move around for a few weeks, but tonight was the first time she did the alternating hands-and-knees crawl, and crossed the rug to obtain a flashlight (and subsequent to exclaiming, "That!", chewed on it). love.gif So awesome.


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at an indoor playground and my three yr old was thrilled to discover how easy it was to navigate everything. The last time we were there, he was 19 months old. Anyway, it was so fun to watch him and hear him sing songs of personal triumph as he went from one piece of equipment to another (duh, d-duh, d-duh, d-DUH!) while narrating exactly how to do it. He was totally heroic. It was awesome. luxlove.gif

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DD's drawing got posted on the website for the Zoobooks magazine (they have a monthly contest). The letter said it was one of 50 chosen out of more than 600 entries. Honestly, it isn't her best work, but whatever. Fun for everyone! Zoobooks is a great magazine for bright kids who like animals, btw--not dumbed down at all.

Another drawing of hers got chosen in some kind of Earth Day contest and will be on display at our city's Earth Day celebration. I haven't seen it because it was done at school, but I know the title: "Teal Waters." (Hee.)

She is making major leaps in her math understanding right now and is really jazzed about math. I love watching her brain work. Can anyone remind me of some of the tricks that are out there to help master mental math? (For instance, I taught her that adding 9s is easy because you just add 10 and subtract 1--she loved this. Stuff like that.)

I recently bought some Brain Quest decks (3rd grade) and she is really into them--actually, we wil finish the first deck soon. She always gets the science and language ones but is frequently stumped by social studies, and sometimes the math ones are about a concept she hasn't learned yet. It's a good level overall. DS is also oddly fascinated by them even though he can't answer many questions, of course. I know they make one for 3yos, so I might get it for him.

We should find out if she got into the GT magnet this week. We have only a week to decide. eeep.
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Dd (3) is writing books now. They tend to last about one sentence (but she narrates them all day and acts them out). Yesterday she wrote "wunc upon u time there wuss u beutufrl buk" and then described how "we zoom into the book and then there's the story of Lauren and the goblins..." so maybe she's actually writing screenplays,lol.

She has this character Lauren who is eight and visits the fairies and she makes up these violent battles of squishing goblins but also this intricate system whereby a goblin may become a fairy (it takes 102 days for a girl and 85 for a boy, different numbers each time she explains it to me, lol).

And then there's the three month old who seems to be learning to say whatever we say to him. He's said hi, agoo (dd was trying to get him to say it since she knew she said that sound first), and seemed to be going for hello and mama... Last night he said "yeah" perfectly right after I said it to him. Dh was cracking up saying it was like on a bad sitcom or tv ad. Little mockingbird! Here we go again...
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Well, actually we found out today! DD was accepted to the gifted magnet. I think we are likely to enroll her there, but it's a sensitive and delicate thing to address with DD. She is mostly in favor, but has some doubts and concerns.
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Well, actually we found out today! DD was accepted to the gifted magnet. I think we are likely to enroll her there, but it's a sensitive and delicate thing to address with DD. She is mostly in favor, but has some doubts and concerns.


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