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I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but DD goes to a weekly dance class that's held right above our town's biggest fabric/craft store. I've only recently learned to drive and don't usually venture that far afield, but this gives me an excuse to go to Spotlight every week. It's handy, but I'm always tempted to SPEND! Today I got 2.5 metres of this new, cute corduroy-type fabric with an owl print, to make DD a winter dress; some contrasting and matching threads to sew it; and some pink buttons, chosen by DD, to go on her new winter PJs. That was a fairly "mild" purchase for me, but still not cheap...


The winter dress and PJs have now moved to the top of the list - the weather is really getting cold fast! It's good for me, as I seem to have more winter maternity hand-me-downs than summer ones; but bad for DD, who is down to a few long-sleeved tops and the pinafore I just made her. So I should probably make her some trousers and another pinny or two, at least... and her winter coat... SOON! Aarrgh.


Spent most of this morning sewing and have nearly finished the cutest pair of Ottobre baby rompers; and I even managed a bit of knitting during DD's dance lesson. So I feel productive. I wish sewing didn't take so long, though! The initial cutting out of patterns and fabric is what kills me; I vastly prefer the actual stitching part.

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I have knit a few hats and am working on a mushroom rattle. DH has to finish knitting his hat up for babe still. I am not sure if this qualifies, but I am taking some large squares of different fabric samples from an upholstry (sp?) book then matting and framing them to hang on the wall over the co-sleeper. I am redoing DD3# room so I am thinking of doing the same thing.  It is a cute, cheap way to spruce up the wall.  I get the books for free so I just have to buy the matting material and frames.

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Yeah... still haven't started on the baby quilt! I also want to start painting the walls in my room soon. Right now they're this totally boring and awful off-white blah color. I want them to be a light green color. And over that I want to paint jungle sort of scenes, like some big trees that go up onto the ceiling, and flowers, and vines and things.

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I'm accumulating more and more half-finished projects. Right now I'm halfway through a pair of baby rompers (semi-excusable - I lent my Ottobres to a friend); a knitted kimono top, which just needs its sides seaming up and some i-cords attached, but I hate seaming!; a shirt which needs buttons and buttonholes (which I'm gonna have to do by hand, because I cannot make machined buttonholes to save my life); a pair of baby trousers, which I started yesterday; and a knitted baby vest, which is growing extremely slowly.


Plus DD keeps bugging me to make her her new winter PJs. I really need to do it; I just don't feel terribly inspired by the pattern, you know?


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I finally got around to making this baby cloche that I've been wanting to try.  I am really excited with how it turned out!!


baby cloche.JPG

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I know this is an old post- but this red sweater is gorgeous!!! Do you have the pattern?

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I'm not sure which project on this thread you're meaning, but if you meant the red baby sweater I made (& posted a photo of on the first page) .... you can find the pattern here:




I made the 9-12mo size. Have fun!

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So, I've been cranking out knits in the last couple of weeks, trying to get as much baby stuff done as possible before my knitting time becomes uncertain. I just finished my favorite project EVER and wanted to share. Check out the Koi Pond longies on my blog http://nachomamasknits.wordpress.com/  Squee! I can't wait for her to wear them. Sadly, these are a size S/M, so we'll have to wait a bit, at least until fall.


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Love all the knitting!  The hungry caterpillar sock is sooooo cute!!!!!

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I finished a pullover in size 6-12 months, and am finishing up a pair of longies and hoping I have enough yarn in the color I used for the trim on the other leg. Otherwise I'll have to rip out both legs and redo them with less of the color that is in short supply. That wouldn't take too long, but it would just be sort of a pain.

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I always knit my legs (and sleeves and socks) 2 at a time on a magic loop. It is sooo nice to be able to use up the last little bit of a color and know that it's as even as can me. The 2 always end up perfectly the same length and when I'm done, I'm done.

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Too true. I'd have to buy more needles if I were going to do that. The current ones are not adequate for that use (too short). And I can't be bothered. Soooo, I guess I'll just suffer, since I'm almost done with this project anyway, but some day I do need to buy more size 8 circs since I keep having to steal them from one project to use on another and it's fairly clear I don't have enough pairs.

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I can't speak highly enough about my Knit Picks interchangeables set. I have that, 2 pairs of DPNs for kitchener, long size 1s, 2s, 3s and 13s. I got rid of seriously everything else. These are all I use. I got a couple of 47" cables to supplement. I got rid of all my straights, short circs and other dpns. I LOVE this set!

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Interchangeables have always been on my list of "would be nice to have, but so expensive, and I want to spend my yarn budget on more yarn". But I read your post in this thread, and something clicked, since my husband wants to get me a post-baby present but hasn't been able to come up with anything that seemed appropriate. So I asked him for a set of interchangeable needles, and he said "Done, just let me know which ones you want". So now I'm going to try out a couple of different kinds and have him get whichever ones I like best. I am excited.


I'm still making wool longies, and also sewed a couple of pairs of breast pads. I did some serious destashing last week and today took this huge bag of yarn into my LYS and was like "Okay, where can I donate this?" and it turned out they were holding some donations for a lady who was teaching girls at a teen shelter to knit, so they added mine to that batch. The lady who I talked to was the fear-voice of destashers everywhere--she was sifting through my bag and going "But this is such nice yarn! And it's so expensive! Are you sure you want to get rid of it?" And I was just like "Yes, it's nice, but someone gave it to me 2 years ago and I don't like the colorway and I've never been able to come up with anything to make with it, so it GOES!" I feel so much lighter now, and have zero regret at getting rid of any of that yarn! It was all either leftovers from other projects or stuff I've had for 2 years or more that was mostly given to me and wasn't my style to begin with. And if I ever want any of it back, I have the option to reacquire it in colors I actually like.


n.b. Normally I would offer my knitting friends first crack at the yarn, but honestly I don't think any of them would have been interested in most of it, either.

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Wow, good for you! I'll be interested to hear what you like best. I've only tried the Boye interchangeables and the KnitPicks ones. I did try the KP wood and nickel before deciding. I went with the nickel. I find them very similar to Addis, which is what I have in 1s, 2s and 3s.


I have been cranking out the knits for baby. I need to do another blog post!

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