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The Flu! Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn!

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So DS has the flu.  Just wondering what you all do to help your LO's feel better.  We were already giving him lots of chicken broth and probiotics.  He's been drinking some kombucha as well.  I hate to give him medicine but when he doesn't have it he is just inconsolable.  Any ideas?  Does anyone use homeopathic medicines that work?  We use a honey and cinnamin mix for his sore throat and cough and that seems to help.  But he's got a fever, with the chills, and lots of aches and pains.  Help!!

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You are doing a lot to support his body already.  As a mama to 5, my own experience is that supporting their ability to rest peacefully is very healing.  To that end, I will sometimes give a 1/2 dose of ibuprofen or tylenol (they have it so rarely that 1/2 dose is usually enough, since their systems aren't acclimated to medication) right before bed so that they are more comfortable.  I know that "purists" say that you should leave the fever alone and let it fight the illness off, but when the child is so miserable they are crying and can't sleep, I don't have it in me to make them suffer just so I can be a "purist", lol.  I think that rest is an important part of recuperation, so I'm willing to make that compromise.  I might give another small dose during the day if the child is extremely uncomfortable.  Otherwise, I just let the virus run its course, doing what you are doing.  I also like to give Emergen'c for extra vit. C, hot tea, lukewarm water, etc. for fluids.  If it sounds good to the child, I might have them take a warm (not hot) bath with some essential oils (lavender, TTO, eucalyptus, etc.)  I also like to put oil of oregano (P-73) and thieves blend on their feet multiple times during the day and before bed.  

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I never thought about the smaller dose of ibuprofen!  I am having the same problem with just letting him suffer!  I don't want to give him the medicine because he body knows what it's doing but he's just so miserable!  It does seem to help him a lot BUT... he seems to be getting really hyper on it!  I think I'll definetly try to use a smaller dose next time!  Thanks!

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I would really caution against using ibuprofen or acetominophen.  Both of them are extremely liver-toxic, particularly Tylenol.  Even our holistic MD says not to use Tylenol with kids.  It's not worth the risk.  Also, remember last year when the kids' Tylenol and Motrin was recalled because it was contaminated with bacteria and tiny metal particles and wrong dosages?  There are much safer ways to help relieve suffering.  Apart from all that, it confuses the body and it's immune response to the virus.  The fever is one of the body's ways to fight off pathogens and you don't want to interfere with it.


Valerian is a child-safe herb with calming and sleep-promoting properties.  I would make a tea of catnip, chamomile, rosehips, lemon balm and valerian.  Or whatever of those herbs you have on hand but particularly valerian if you really want to get the child some rest and relief.  I always keep a tincture of valerian to add to the tea (or whatever your LO will drink).  It is slightly sedative but very safe, even for pregnant/nursing mamas and babies.  Another useful addition is Skullcap, which will promote calming and relieve stress and is also very safe.


ETA:  There's a good reason you don't want to give him the pharmaceutical medicine.  Listen to that instinct. 

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Yes, I agree with you.  However, when you've done everything else, and it's not helping make the child more comfortable, a small dose of  medication can be helpful.  It isn't what I reach for first, I usually throw out the bottle before we use it because we reach the expiry date, but it is in our cabinet for the rare time we need it.  It's not always a bad thing.


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Have you tried Valerian?  You might be surprised at how effective it is.  It will almost certainly make the child more comfortable and allow them to sleep during a flu-type illness.  It's a sedative.  No, it won't make other symptoms disappear, but you don't want it to.  


I'm not saying medication is always a bad idea.  I'm saying that for a relatively minor illness, it's probably a very good idea to avoid it when there are safer alternatives available that will be just as effective.  FWIW, those two medications are also very hard on gut flora and can interfere with digestion and assimilation of nutrients during a time when the body really does not need the added stress.  That may be part of why it takes longer to recover when conventional medication is used.  

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