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Honest feedback wanted on name/tagline

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Hi everyone!

I love sewing and especially coming up with new uses for old items. I am starting a business to sell upcycled goods of all kinds, and I am having trouble with a name/tagline.

There are a few things I want the business to focus on:

- Finding new uses for things that would be thrown away. the environmental issue is the main angle of my business

- "making green affordable" with a DH in grad school, I had the desire to buy local and handmade but it's hard to afford it. using recycled materials would allow me to make more affordable handmade items

- A few friends and I are trying to start a cloth diaper/mama cloth/upcycled childrens clothes business in Kenya to provide positive employment opportunities to poor women. i want the two businesses to be connected possibly with the same name

So the names I am thinking of are Kijani or One Earth.

Kijani means green in Swahili so it kind of combines both the US and Kenya business. I'm not sure if I should add something...like Kijani Creations, Kijani Crafts, Kijani Boutique. etc

One Earth refersto both the environmental aspect that we only have one Earth, and also the "shared humanity" aspect that we all share the same Earth, in the US and in Kenya.

The taglines I am considering are:

Reuse, recycle, re-create
Unique, Affordable, Earth-friendly
Upcycled products for the whole family
The Most Creative Way to Recycle

I'm not too thrilled with any of the taglines...

I want to take the next steps of registering the business and coming up with a logo, but I need to settle on the name and tagline first.

I'd appreciate any honest feedback, positive or negative. If you have any other ideas for names or taglines, please share!  Thanks!!

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I love the name Kijani, its unique and says what you are doing (being green). I would leave it as one word and don't add anything else. As far as a tagline, I'm not much help there, I am not good at taglines myself. Perhaps keep it simple and have your purpose be your tagine: "making green affordable" I think that makes the most sense and is catchy.
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Although I like the sound of Kijani. I'd go with One Earth. To me it has more meaning and it would be easier to remember (as proof, I had to scroll up to spell the first, whereas I didn't have to with the second! winky.gif).


Reuse, recycle, re-create

I really like the term re-create, but when used with the others, it's just redundant.

Unique, Affordable, Earth-friendly
Maybe rearrange it to Earth-friendly, Affordable, Unique, which as I see it is your priorities "in order"?

Upcycled products for the whole family

Keep in mind that not everyone will know what upcycled means.

The Most Creative Way to Recycle

Like it. :)


What about "Recycling made beautiful" or "Upcycling for the earth" or "Reassess, recreate" or "Redefine, recreate."?

 As you can tell, I really do like the word recreate lol.gif, and would try to work in something with the alliteration. Good luck in your venture!

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I absolutely LOVE Kijani. I wouldn't add anything to it. Simple and beautiful.




Reuse, recycle, re-create: Like this one a lot! Nice rythm to it.
Unique, Affordable, Earth-friendly: like it too.
Upcycled products for the whole family: choice # 3
The Most Creative Way to Recycle: leasr favorite.


I like all the taglines on their own, but i think the first one fits the best with Kijani.

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Here's an example of a Swahili word becoming mainstream: http://help.kijiji.net/ca/knowledgebase.php?article=78

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!


I don't like coming up with things like this, it's definitely not my strong point!


What about "going green without going broke" - too cheesy?

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