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Should I have an MRI for a knee injury while I am pregnant?

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I also posted in Health and Healing...


Does anyone have resources or advice about having an MRI while pregnant? I don't have one scheduled yet, but I am trying to be prepared for the worst case scenario...


A little background - I am 7 months pregnant and had a sledding accident with my son. We were sliding on our butts down a hill and in order to avoid crashing into my son, who was stuck at the bottom of the hill, I rolled out of the way and twisted my knee up really bad. I haven't been able to walk since it happened on Tuesday. (2 people had to carry me to the building and had to call my hubby to pick us up.)


I had an x-ray (probably not the best thing, but I was sure I broke something). X-ray showed no broken bones. Both the medical doctor and chiropractor think I have some soft tissue damage - pulled or torn ligaments. I am usually a very active person and the thought of having a torn ligament is really scary to me - the thought of having a new baby soon and not being able to run around with my toddler or go on walks or runs...


So it had been suggested by my MD and my chiro if things don't get better, an MRI may have to be done to determine the damage. Now my chrio says don't do anything until after the baby. I think my MD wants it sooner, although he just said "we may have to do an MRI if things don't get better." My midwife is gone until Monday. I would for sure consult with her before anything.


I did a quick Google search and most of what I found was that MRIs are probably safe for mother and fetus, but I am pretty skeptical of the medical profession. I feel like there is more to the story. Looks like there is debate on whether the contrast dye is safe for breastfeeding mother. I for sure plan to breastfeed.


Also, another factor in all of this is I am on state health care and only qualify b/c I am pregnant. Part of me is tempted to do any knee treatment before my coverage runs out (60 days after the baby is born). Of course, I would only do this if it doesn't risk the health of my baby or my body.


I really feel like I am in tune with my body and strongly feel like something is not right in my knee joint. Let me know what you think! Thanks.


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My neurologist, who I trust, said that MRIs are considered safe for pregnant women.  I canceled one I had when I found out I was pregnant (it wasn't urgent), but if I really needed one, I would get it.  I also got contrast for an MRI while nursing.  From what I read (and what my doctor told me), very little contrast gets into breastmilk.  What does get into breastmilk, very little of it can be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.  And something like 90% of it is gone (in your urine) within an hour--drink lots of water afterward to help that process.  If it makes you uncomfortable, you can pump and dump for 24 hours.


I never did any research about contrast and pregnancy, though, so I would look into that if you will need contrast.

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I'll also say that they may not need to do the contrast dye for a knee injury. I think for knees they sometimes do inject fluid into the area to be able to visualize better, but might only use saline? I don't know for sure, I've only had an MRI of my brain, and for that they didn't do anything special. but a few years ago I had a friend get an MRI on a sprained knee, and I think he said they just injected saline into the area so the structures would be easier to see. 

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I have had a knee MRI before and they did not use contrast (dance injury to ACL).  My mom has had a lot of MRIs w/ contrast b/c she had breast cancer. She recently had heavy metal testing.  The dr was expecting to find a lot of mercury b/c of her amalgams but did not.  He found very high levels of the gallalidium (contrast metal) and said it was nigh near impossible to chelate for that. 

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Thanks. The dr was able to diagnose my ruptured acl without an mri, so I didn't even have to worry about it :) I saw an orthopedic surgeon and a PT who did a couple of tests - lachman's was the name of one of them and I forget the other. Basically they can move your leg in such a way to see that you have acl damage.

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