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Baby's here!

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He was born 3 days before his edd.  I had been having contractions on and off throughout the day.  By the afternoon, they were 6-8 minutes apart but not painful. By evening, they were 5 minutes apart and a little stronger. I called my mw and she and her assistant came around 10:30 pm to check me. I was at 5 cm. I'd also started having lots of bloody show. Still, the contractions were really manageable and I was slightly worried it was another false alarm.


Over the next hour, dh applied counter pressure to my hips during contractions, which was so helpful.  I tried some of my old standby positions: standing and leaning against the bathroom counter (I felt so much pain in my thighs), sitting on the ball (not comfy), kneeling and leaning on my bed (better, but still not right). I preferred lying on my side in bed, with dh pressing on my upper hip or sacrum.  


During all of this, the mws set up and filled the labor tub. I got in and was only there for 10 or 15 minutes when things got suddenly intense and I decided I absolutely needed to get out of there!  I went to the bed and laid on my side again.  Things got so intense and I started grunting. It all happened so fast that I was in denial that I was pushing and I was SO scared that it was going to go on for hours and hours more with that kind of pain. The mws came over and were surprised the baby was right there.  I didn't want to open my legs (denial, maybe? lol).  They held up my upper leg and I pushed. The ring of fire hurt like heck, but babe came all the way out in just a few pushes. He was born just 3 hours after the midwives arrived. I can honestly say it was my easiest labor.  The intense part lasted maybe 30 minutes in all.


Babe is perfect. 8 lbs 14 oz. with adorable chubby cheeks :) Good luck to all the mamas-in-waiting!

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Congrats!  Welcome baby!

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Congrats mama!

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Congrats mama and baby!!

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Congratulations! So encouraging! I'm starting to get a little nervous for labour redface.gif

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Congrats! Sounds like a fantastic birth. Happy babymoon!

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Congratulations on an amazing birth and a healthy baby!!

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Congrats!  Im getting a little nervous too.   It can be any time now and I cant believe Im going to be blessed with a little newborn :) 

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joy.gif congrats mama...so glad you had such a great birth! welcome babe! 

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love.gif Welcome baby & Congrats Mama! love.gif 

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Congrats! What a fabulous birth!!

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Congrats!!!!!! joy.gif

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love.gif Congrats homemademama! love.gif

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Congratulations!!  I have a feeling I might be in denial, too, when the time comes.  Enjoy your little man thumb.gif

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Congrats! I am still in denial I am having another baby, never mind labour!

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Congrats to you!!  Welcome, baby!!

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