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IF it is a boy, it will probably be Theodore Edward, but he will be called Theo. (though I could see calling him Teddy Bear on occasion to)


I like Everly, it is pretty


As for Harrison, my only thing - and it is just me - I like to be able to shorten a name if I want, and Harrison is really only shortened to Harry I think. Some people like names that cannot be shortened. My parents picked my sister's name - Chantelle - for that very reason, nevertheless, she now goes by Telly (but we refuse to call her that! LOL)


Kinder, I wish I felt as definite as you! I have no clear idea of the gender. Two of my cousins both have daughters named Carly (one is Karly) they are both on my dad's side of the family. It is a cute name though!


Alliteration with names can be cute or not - my dad and his brothers are Tim, Tom, and Ted. Their sisters didn't get the memo - Cristina and Penny - my Uncle Tim's sons are Jason and Jeremy. My aunt Cris named her son Thomas Timothy after her brothers . . . my mom's sister named her girls Brittany, Brandi, and Brianna. We chose to NOT name DS Brandon because we felt there were enough BR- names in the family! - do whatever works for you though, if  you find a name you love that starts with K; but don't discount a name you love just because it doesn't.

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Baby is named already either way. Boy= Lucian Gunther(Man of light, warrior)

Girl= Serenity Noelle(I had a dream and her name was revealed to me. When I woke and shared with Brian he loved it. This is also how we named Epiphany.)

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Originally Posted by philomom View Post

I love Harrison Mitchell. Or Mitchell Harrison. I love Daniel, too. But the boy "A" names are overdone right now as a fallout from so many Aidens we all know.


Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

As for Harrison, my only thing - and it is just me - I like to be able to shorten a name if I want, and Harrison is really only shortened to Harry I think. Some people like names that cannot be shortened. My parents picked my sister's name - Chantelle - for that very reason, nevertheless, she now goes by Telly (but we refuse to call her that! LOL)

Thanks for the input ladies. Philomom, my dad is Daniel, and DH's initials are ADB, which is why I'm leaning towards A names with Daniel as a middle name for a boy. I think it would be neat for father and son to share initials since we don't want a junior. I totally agree on the popularity of 'A' names though. Dilemma!


akind1- We are anti-Harry and know if we choose this name, we will have to stand our ground with that. I feel like Harrison is a bit too long and formal, so we've agreed on using Harris in the everyday. But I'm still not 100% sold on it.


Ahhhhh maybe it will just be a girl and I won't have to worry! 

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Mama brown I love the name Eden, as you can tell from my siggy! (and my dh's last name is Brown, btw... weird)

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I like Ynez (or Ines, but I think having a y and a z in your name is neat). We had picked out Alba (which means dawn in Italian) for a girl last time, but we had a boy. Also like Serafin because that is my great great grandmother's middle name.


It's a struggle with a boy right now. Wyeth, but DH isn't as fond. Luca is one I like, but in the states it's a girl's name. So I'm with the other poster who said probably Thomas, Percy, Henry, Gordon or Cranky.



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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

So probably Thomas, Percy, Henry, Gordon or Cranky.





We are hoping off the name train for now. We haven't discussed it in weeks and I think we'll probably take that discussion off the table until we find out the gender. So much easier that way!

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we named DS when he was 3 days old, a name we hadn't even had on our list. We named DD when she was 2 weeks old (much to everyone's annoyance). I just know how we are- unlikely to feel a strong conviction of a name until we meet the little one (actually I DID have it with DD, but thought we'd agreed on another name for a possible girl, and didn't say anything about it until she was born, at which point DH said he didn't like it, and much disagreeing ensued, and it took 2 weeks for him to say that I could name her whatever I wanted).


Was kind of thinking about my husband's grandmother's name for a girl: Letha. (pronounced Lee-tha) But then I don't know... its a version of the name Lethe, which in Greek mythology is the river of forgetting/oblivion in Hades, that is kind of a downer of a name! Root for words like lethal, lethargy.

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I really like James Jonathan for a boy, but DH won't let me call him Jamie (says it's too feminine) and I don't like James (for a little kid), Jim/Jimmy or JJ...so I'm thinking it'll be a no. I'm also liking Caleb Paul right now. DH is "eh" about it.

For a girl - Rebekah Kathleen and Hannah Joy. DH likes Rebekah, but not Kathleen so much...and he's not big at all on Hannah (or Joy).

DH really doesn't want to talk names with me at all, and I'm sure I'll change my mind 1000 times between now and October. We won't find out the gender, so we'll probably try to find 2 girls names and 2 boys names that we like, then use whichever fits the little one the best.
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We are liking the name Eliza right now a lot. Maybe with Maureen as a middle name after my aunt....


Some boys names in the running right now are Owen, Emmet and Padraig. I think Padraig is my fave. DH likes Elliot but I don't love it.


Our list will likely change quite a bit over the months... it will be interesting to see which ones stay on the list!

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We haven't yet started contemplating names.  Last time around we did not tell anyone the name ahead of time because we didn't want anyone to know if it was a boy or girl (even though DH and I knew).  That's actually where my username "not_telling" comes from...picked it when I joined the July 2008 DDC.


StephandOwen: Charlie was actually one of our top picks for a girl last time around.  I don't know if it will be now, mostly cuz an old childhood friend named his daughter that.  Which shouldn't matter, especially since we never see each other and are seldom in touch.  I don't know...


I was really into August for a boy last time, but DH wasn't into it.  Couldn't get past the fact that it's the name of a month.  We ended up going with Aydin for DS.  Aidan was the only name we could agree on for a boy, and then I discovered that it was one of the top boy names....which was a total surprise to me cuz I only knew of two Aidan's and one was already a teenager.  So we looked for an alternative spelling and found Aydin, which is Turkish ("enlightened" "erudite") and has a different meaning than the celtic versions of the name ("little fire").  His middle name is Orion and we may try to give the baby an astronomical middle name, too.


I've also been considering a first name that begins with A, even though I'm usually not into giving siblings names that start with the same letter.  My reasoning is that DS has my last name and the new baby will have DH's last name (this is our alternative to hyphenated last names)...so both kids having A names could be a little "name bond" between them.  (DH and I both have names that start with J).  I love the name Aster (that lovely autumn flower) for a girl, but we're worried about the teasing factor ("ass" "ass turd").  I actually started a thread about this in Parenting and someone wisely pointed out that if someone's gonna tease my kid, it doesn't matter what the name is, they'll find something to pick on.

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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

I like Ynez (or Ines, but I think having a y and a z in your name is neat). We had picked out Alba (which means dawn in Italian) for a girl last time, but we had a boy. Also like Serafin because that is my great great grandmother's middle name.



Those are all gorgeous names!


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We haven't even talked about names.  Well, to be fair, we've only knows about Squiggle for 4 days.  With our last baby, she was almost 2 weeks old before we decided on a name and that was only because we had to name her to get a birth certificate and a passport.

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We chose Lila for a girl, Griffin for a boy. :)

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So after a busy grumpy hypoglycemic day yesterday, we had our first pregnant argument.  About names.  My husband is a strong believer in the "question everything" philosophy and I tend more to the "include popular opinion in your considerations" philosophy.  After a bunch of me trying to explain how I like having a known name that people recognize and know how to spell, and that I could look the meaning up in a baby name book and get the same answer no matter what book it was . . . and him trying to explain that a kid might not like their name NO MATTER WHAT you name them, and that people with normal names often give themselves unique nicknames . . . he started arguing for how it might be good to not name the kid at all.  Sigh.  He didn't seem interested in my opinion that a kid with NO NAME might feel a little bit unloved.  Well, that's not fair - he agreed that that was a point against it, but didn't seem to think that it was sufficient reason to actually name the child.


And I think he feels sorry for names that have never existed.  He asked if I feel a little sad for names that can no longer be used, like Lucifer (which, purely as a name, I do actually like, and it means "lightbringer", which I also like, but it would be cruel to actually name a kid that).  I do feel a little sad for those poor names that have been ruined by being attached to the wrong person (or supernatural being).  And then he explained that he feels the same way about the names that have never had a chance to exist - why give more power to an already-existing name, whether it's popular or not (popularity is an automatic exclusion from my name list because I grew up with so many Robins and Jennifers), when you could create a whole new name and give it a chance.


To be honest, I see his point, but personally I would have been sad as a teenager if I tried to figure out what my name meant and it turned out that it was just a collection of phonemes that my parents thought sounded nice together.  I like that my name has an accepted meaning.  So we finally decided that we would name our child (phew!), and that if he comes up with a made-up name that he really likes then I will consider it.  He's not very good at that, though, so I'm hoping just a tiny bit that we'll get to use one of the lovely names on my extensive name list, some of which I think he actually likes too.  And all of which have meanings that I like.  Some of them were chosen more for the meaning than for the sound.


I'm not sure if that rant was what you were looking for!  But I thought I would give some perspective to those who might not agree on names - at least you agree on the desirability of naming at all!

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Wow hykue, that's pretty intense lol.  Yes it probably is a good idea name the child ROTFLMAO.gif

We have a boys name like I said but the more we talk about girls names...the less we agree oh well.  We won't find out gender, so I want to have both.  Dd's name wasn't on our list and it then dh had a dream about having a girl and naming her what we named dd and that was that.  With our m/c I had a dream that I had a boy and named him what we ended up naming him after we lost him.  Here's hoping we have another dream in the next 7 months!

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DH and I can agree on only two names for a girl. He tends to like names from OUR generation (Jen, stacey, stephanie, Amanda etc.) I just can't do it! I like older/timeless names. Classy names. And even just odd names. (I like "olivia, sophia, evelyn, Imogene, Lorelei etc.)


The two that we do agree on is Charlotte (I love that I could call her Charlie or Lottie...Lotta, lotte etc.) The other is Coraline-it's a lot like my name though, which could be ubber confusing. And my also expecting younger sister loves that name so we might just let her have it.lol 

My sister also loves "Edith  Calliope"...so she might be using that one. We'll see. 


For the middle name for a girl, it would be Mae, after his mom's middle name. (I really lucked out on that one, I happened to love that name already...and her first name is Dorris. Not quite ready to come back yet.lol) So for a girl it will either be Charlotte Mae, or Coraline Mae.

I already have two boys, Reuben and Zeke. I would have loved to have found something biblical for a girl, but I find that because there are so few female biblical names they tend to be really overused already. (Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Miriam etc.)


For boys we can agree on quite a few names. For the middle name it's definitely "irving", (dh's grandpa's name, and his dad's middle name.) For first names we have Asher, Silas, Max (maxwell, i suppose), Caleb, Calvin, Simon, Jake,  Cody, (Buffalo bill was my Dad's great (x5?) uncle...so Cody is a huge family name for us.)

I love Atticus, but i don't know if i'm ballsy enough to use that for a first name. I don't even know what that could be shortened to...

We have a long list though of boys names that we like, so i'm not worried.



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I just have to say that it kind of pisses me off that someone would straight up name their child the same exact thing as someone else, I know that happens sometimes but not when it is something that is very unique and has been mentioned over and over again in my posts. I guess that is probably why I just don't feel connected to this ddc at all and probably won't post here. At least I know that Coraline Mae is my daughters name, and a million people can steal that if they want but it still angers me.

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I've alreayd been picking names!

Boy, Middle name will be smith..Samuel, Simon, or Ryker

Girl I really like Tegan Marie but I'm so convinced I'm having a boy

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Coraline is a unique name? Its very prettybut it's alsothename of a very very popularmovie.

Mae, family connections aside, seems to be one of this generation's Lynn, Ann, or Marie. A pretty middle name that goeswith everything.

I'm sad you're sad, but I think thishas nothing to do with the other poster and lotto do withbeing sensitive during pregnancy.
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welllll... on name stealing, unless you make up a name, its hard to say for sure where someone got it. I post and read somewhat on the DDC but not constantly and honestly don't remember what other people say they are naming their kids (well, unless I think its particularly silly?)


Names definitely come and go in popularity, for example I do know two Atticus' IRL (5yo and 6mo), as well as a TON of Sophias, several Olivias and an Imogen and Lorelei. I'm pretty sure the "old fashioned/odd" names are making a major comeback, though perhaps that happens where names sort of skip generations? I tried to convince DH to consider Irma (after my great-grandmother) for our DD, but he said, too similar to my name, and (like Dorris) just a little TOO old fashioned. My name (Emma) was WAY weird and old fashioned, at least in the US, even back when my grandmother was a kid, and then it skyrocketed to #1 girls name for many years and is still in the top 5 I believe. Little Emma's abound!


My mom, who is an elementary school teacher, says she has never in all her years had a Susan or Louise (her name), or a Jane... some of the plainer names that have gone out of fashion these days, apparently.


Me, I do like a name that means something... one that was chosen for a reason (even if what it "means" is that it was the name of a beloved family member or friend, a favorite historical person or fictional character, or that it was revealed in a dream or inspiration. Though I was thinking of a family name- as I mentioned in my earlier post- and was a little distressed when I thought about the meaning of the name). I think many people do choose their children's names for reasons they can articulate later, but sometimes not- actually in my family of birth I am the only one with a family name and I think all the other three were just inspirations on the part of the parents

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