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Last week in my veggie box I got a huge bok choy.  I've been putting off using it and finally decided to juice some of it w some carrot juice.  Then for dinner I made the Asian baked Tofu in V'con w bok choy sauteed in garlic and some Jasmine rice.  Last night I was lazy and made Quorn nuggets with mashed carrot,potato and onion.   Some other meals I made this week:  Snobby Joe's from Vcon and had Shirataki noodles w veggies and tofu out for dinner.  My 4 yr old has been on a hummus kick and so I have been making a batch every day.  I love cauliflower and make this very simple soup whenever I get one. It so good.   Next week I'm getting a celery root and am looking forward to that soup too.




And for the rest of the weekend I'll be juicing the rest of my bok choy. 

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I am looking forward to eating this week, but i don't know why since  i have only a half baked plan and not idea what to do for valentines. Dh and i had our once every two or three months date last night for "valentines" ostensibly...


Mediterranean rice salad

mushroom straganoff

C'kin pie with biscuit topping (maybe is should make and extra batch of biscuits to put in the freezer) maybe i will make that fro valentines since i usually do a heart shaped biscuit on top.... and everyone likes it.




i need some more inspiration... I am such a picky eater that i did not fully enjoy my dinner date out last night.  i need to be more zen and just enjoy the experience, so says DH anyway.... and he is usually right.

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I managed to pull off a decent Valentine's dinner.  We've been in such a rut lately.  I'm making west indian red beans over coconut rice and some sauteed kale on the side.  I made a very simple dessert of yogurt and mixed berry parfaits.  

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I managed to pull off a decent Valentine's dinner.  We've been in such a rut lately.  I'm making west indian red beans over coconut rice and some sauteed kale on the side.  I made a very simple dessert of yogurt and mixed berry parfaits.  

may i ask how you season the beans?  we are crazy about coconut rice here.


seem to be roasting lots o' veggies lately.  sweet potatoes, turnips. and cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce.

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Last night was our romantic dinner for two: I made a spinach salad with cranberries and pine nuts and a balsamic vinagrette, a baked eggplant rollatini stuffred with cashew ricotta, pine nuts and breadcrumbs and smothered in scratch-made marinara, and homemade chocolate chocolate chip coconut milk ice cream with brownie chunks. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine. :)


Tonight I made cauliflower red lentil curry with quinoa.

Tomorrow is white bean and kale soup with rosemary bread


Later in the week, I'm making tempeh mole tacos, teriyaki stirfry, and split pea soup.

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may i ask how you season the beans?  we are crazy about coconut rice here.


seem to be roasting lots o' veggies lately.  sweet potatoes, turnips. and cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce.

It's a very simple recipe.  The beans are seasoned with red chili flakes, thyme and allspice.  


We are going away for 4 days so I'm trying to not buy any new groceries and eat up what we have lying around.  I think I have 1/2 jar of pesto and some broccoli for some pasta for tonights dinner.


Catnip - woah.....I soooooo want to make that ice cream eat.gif.  Is it hard? 

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Last night I made beanballsfrom  v'con and used them to make subs.  They would have been better if the bread hadn't been so hard.  A bit of a bummer, we'd only bought it the day before.  I also made a side pasta dish that i threw leftover chickpeas, corn, nut yeast and some other things in and a salad. There was too much food and the salad was left over.  I wonder if I tried to make salads more interesting if this would be less likely.  Tomatoes are all coming from Mexico right now, and that and avocado is what normally comes in my head for salad topping.  I need to become more of a salad expert I think where I can think outside the box (or what's in the cupboard and how to make it work).I also made trader joes pudding mix with hemp millk and the gluten free choc cake mix from bobs red mill, both for the first time, and they were both awesome!  I don't normally sub flax seed for eggs (i tend to use egg replacer) but it recommended that sub on the bag and it worked so well. I made them into cupcakes and they were so moist that it was a perfect match to put them in a pool of pudding instead of frosting them.  I'm not a huge frosting fan.  DH and I both loved it. 


Gotta end now.  Little man is freaking about a toy not fitting in another toy.  So weird.

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catnip--you always make me drool! 


megame--oooo, I want to try everything you mentioned!  I have gotten really into salads over the past couple years and have become more and more creative. I used to think salad was lettuce, tomato and cucumber and that's it.  Little did I know! :)  My DH and I instituted salad nights (one night a week we eat salad for dinner, just salad), which really forced me to get creative.


Well, DS's eczema has flared up :(  so I guess this is the inspiration I need to go vegan once and for all.  It seems like he is reacting to dairy, although I suppose it could be a number of things.   So I tried making "cream" out of cashews for the first time and it was good. I made a batch and made half of it into a savory sauce for dipping veggies and the other half I sweetened maple syrup and poured it over berries.


No set meal plan this week as DH is out of town, so I'll just be winging it. I am soaking a big pot of beans right now, for those times when DS doesn't want to let me cook.  Its hard to cook without DHs help in the evenings.  I think I'll add some kale to the beans for a soup.  

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The ice cream part is incredibly easy - 1 can coconut milk, 1 1/4 cups soymilk, 6 oz chocolate chips, 2 tsp vanilla, 3/4 cup sugar, heat enough to melt the chocolate, chill 3 hours then freeze in an ice cream freezer.

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Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to whoever suggested the roasted cauliflower soup. I just made it and it is delicious!!!!  And I am not a big fan of cauliflower.  Having a big bowl of it with avocado on toast right now. mmmmmmmm

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not much to say here.  we bought a crockpot and i made a huge batch of 18 or 17 bean mix.  Then have food to deliver to multiple locations this weekend.  I've made two batches of soup with it that I've brought to a tree planting group and to a family with a newborn and tomorrow I'm probably going to make up the last of it for a vegan potluck in the evening. We've had leftovers for ourselves at home today and my little man loves the bean soups.  We ended up getting a pizza from a nearby food cart to supplement it with but my hubby and I were so impressed with the pizza it was hard to eat soup as well.  So I guess I'll be having some tomorrow..

Last night I made this pretty basic pasta that we all enjoy.  It's a cooked16oz package of pasta (I prefer bowties), sauteed with olive oil, nutritional yeast (or 'parmesan'), some sort of bunch of greens, and a can or two of canelini beans. I did one last night but I think next time two, I like the extra beans in there. S and P and then last nights I also threw in some left over sundried tomato pesto. It's light and dry and my new comfort food.

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Made frijoles de olla yesterday with cilantro, onion, and avocado to top it. Just wish they boys would have eaten it too. So cheap, yummy, and healthy.

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This week started last night with the


empty the veg drawer enchiladas

sour cream potatoes with millet lentil chili

sushi salad

lemon pea risotto and arugula salad

polenta and eggs in chunky tomato sauce

Eggplant and mozzarella sand which

7 layer dip dinner

Thai curry with peppers tofu and pineapple



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Sorry I've been neglecting this thread! I have a toddler who is teething and had two weeks of colds, so sleep has not been good and thus nothing has been good. Including my cooking.  Let's see, what did I make last week. . .


chile and cornbread. basic but good in cold weather.


seitan sauteed with mushrooms and spinach (from Vcon) and eaten over mashed potatoes. Super yummy.


lovely dinner salad of lettuce, fennel, apple, chickpeas, spicy pecans with a mustard vinegrette.


and last night I made homemade focaccia bread (Vcon) and vegan creamy broccoli soup which DS ate with gusto which is unusual for him, so yay!


this morning I made the applesauce oat bran muffins from Vcon

tonight is our out to eat night.

tomorrow I plan to make the leek and bean cassoulette from Vcon. . .can you sense a theme here ;) I'm really into that cookbook these days.


I also hope to get a meal plan going for next week tomorrow. I'll come back and let you know.

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We had a very simple dinner of black bean tostados with a side salad.  Dh is travelling for this upcoming week for work so I'm online trying to come up with some super simple, healthy (we've not been great lately) dinners that all 4 kids will eat and not leave me with a ton of clean up.  So far I have french toast with a berry sauce and chickpea noodle soup.  Ideas anyone??  

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last week when dad was out of town we had crockpot mac and cheese and broccoli- which they both ate up

and mex pizza, which included leftover precooked pepper and zuke, leftover beans spread on precooked crust and shredded cheddar.

I liked this the most, but they ate it and the clean up was a snap.

good luck

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Here is our meal plan for the week:

~Veggie Fritatta with potato crust, Salad

~Thai Veggie Curry

~Black Bean and Grilled Veggie Fajitas

~Black Bean Soup

~Layered Veggie Casserole-similar to lasagne without cheese.


I am also making a big pot of vegetable/minestrone type soup for lunches, roasted vegetables, and raw brussel sprout salad for sides and lunches.


I have a sweet potato salad with apple and avocado recipe from Vegetarian Times that I want to try if I have the time.



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I always do soup is DH is out of town, it lasts through a couple meals and is easy to reheat. And my DS actually likes soup.  Another fav is bean burritos, just set out the tortillas, beans and fixins and let the kiddos build their own.


Okay, so I hope no one minds, but I added March to the title on this thread. Since it wasn't that long yet it seemed silly to start a whole new thread.  BTW, I am certainly not the "owner" of this thread. Anytime it's a new month and someone is inspired they can start a new "what's cooking" thread.  


I'm kinda in a funk today. So I have absolutely no idea what to make for dinner. Argh. I hate those days.  But so far this week we've had:


--whole wheat pasta with a vegan cream sauce (made from homemade cashew cream--divine!) with artichoke hearts and olives.


--"field roast" with potatoes and sauteed chard


--tortilla soup with pinto beans and greens


I have a ton more greens and the ever-present cauliflower from our CSA box.  But I may resort to something easy tonight.



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This week:


-Home made vegan pizza with spinach/walnut sauce and tofu topper for me and DS, me with fried zuccinni and artichoke bottoms added, plain sauce with jalapenos and pineapple for DH


-Seitan coconut curry stir-fry with yams and broccoli.


-Curried quinoa with carrot slaw wrap.


-Home made spaghetti with salad and bread.


-Baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and sauteed seitan in brown gravy.


-Black bean and sweet potato burritos with lime.

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Oh, and home made veggie sushi tonight <3.

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