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bradley diet and pain?

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So my son's birth was a very painful and scary experience because neither I nor my husband were prepared for it and I ended up having lots of interventions because of it.  IV, epidural, constant fetal monitor, episiotomy (stitched without Novacaine...), doctor who came into the delivery room and set up his iPod to play Jimmy Buffet as I pushed...:( 


I am unable to attend Bradley Method classes because of an extreme family schedule but I've been reading up on it, and aside from the exercises actual relaxation methods for use during labor, did anyone try the diet recommendations he makes?  Did it help with labor?


At first it seemed old-fashioned to me...4 glasses of whole milk a day, two eggs, liver once a week.  But then I examined my own diet and realized that it's horrible and full of sugar and processed foods.


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I followed the diet the best I could. I don't do liver but I love fried chicken gizzards. I didn't manage four slices of bread a day .. maybe two. I love milk. I love eggs. I padded my diet with protein snacks and managed 90 to 100 grams most days. I gained only 20 pounds with each pregnancy and had amazing natural births with little pain. Also, I heard this somewhere about the Brewer diet making the placental bag stronger and all my babies were born in an intact sac.... no broken water until the head was nearly out.

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Brewer diet is not really meant to help with pain per se, but a healthier pregnancy could result in less interventions in general, which might result in a reduced pain level.  You didn't indicate why the interventions you had were done, so I can't speak to whether the diet might help.  It is supposed to help reduce the risk of preterm labor and pre-e and ensure that you have sufficient protein to build your blood volume and maintain your placenta and baby in a healthy way.

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