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Interesting article; The Lie of the EDD

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I thought this was an interesting article on due dates.



(I hope it's ok for me to post this here. I was going to PM our mod but we don't have one!)

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I remember reading this when I was pregnant with DD. That being said, I gave birth exactly on my due date.

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Nice!! It's hard not to get impatient when that date comes rolling around. I was 'late' both times, previously - 11 days 'over' & ODS came naturally and water-breaking induction at 5 days 'over' with my youngest. This time I'm going to try to put the dates out of my mind. According to LMP my EDD is 10/13 and by my implantation temp dip 10/22.. so.. who knows anyway what it should be. lol

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I went over with DD1, and I remember everyone and their mother asking me:"Aren't you sick of being pregnant?! You must be really anxious to go into labour, huh?"

And I really wasn't. I wasn't uncomfortable, I love being pregnant, and I figured she'd come out when she was good and ready. My OB was wonderful, she let me go overdue without ever even mentioning induction. I was 41w4d when DD1 was born, and she was perfect. And the placenta was in excellent condition as well. 

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The midwife practice I want to (probably) use is attached to the huge hospital here, and apparently if women go to 43 weeks they have to deliver with an OB instead of a midwife, or be induced with the midwife at 42W6D.  10/10 is the due date based on my LMP; I don't know when I ovulated but I know it was early, and my actual "40 weeks" is likely to be a couple days before 10/10.  I hope they let me stick with 10/10 though, in case I need those extra couple days at the end. 


Here is a table of the likelihood of delivering on any particular day based on your "due date":  http://spacefem.com/pregnant/due.php?.  Fun toy.  Also:  http://spacefem.com/pregnant/

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Ok, this is weird question....and not something I'm planning on cause I'm usually close to my dd, but if you are worried about induction can't you just tell them the date of your lmp was a week or ten days later than it was? Don't they pretty much go by what you tell them? I mean I know they might re date you by ultrasound...but who knows you might buy yourself some time and I'm sure if you are showing complications at the end they wouldn't let you keep going anyway? Hope this isn't too out there.
I suppose it wouldn't work if you were being followed closely for fertility reasons...
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A couple of things:

If you're sure of when you ovulated you can go by that. Subtract 14 days from ovulation date and use that instead of LMP. This is always done for ART ladies because they know, 100%, when they ovulated and it's frequently not CD14. A smart OB will do this. Some OBs (and some midwives) are stupid, and insist on going by LMP.


EARLY ultrasounds have been shown to be accurate. Most women don't get them early enough to know. That link lumps in all 1st tri u/s together. If you get a 7-8 week u/s it's accurate to within a couple of days tops (more if you're being followed by an RE)--implantation can vary by a couple of days, so there's always that wiggle room. A 12 week u/s is significantly less accurate than an early one done specifically for dating. My u/s this time matches my known dates (I did Follistim and Ovidrel so those dates are ironclad) exactly. My 12 or 13 week u/s (depending on which set of dates you believe) with my 1st pregnancy did not match my known LMP/ovulation dates. Had me 5 days ahead.


I'm not a fan of lying for extra time. If something actually goes wrong, you could wind up with a baby a week or two older than the OB thinks. EGA affects treatment. You don't want your OB thinking your baby is pre-viability when it's not.

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You might also be interested to read an article I wrote on this subject "There's No Such Thing As a Due Date"


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