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Neighbor's cats in our yard means we can't get chickens

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so, i didn't realize that our neighborhood has some outdoor cats until the most recent snow and there is cat poop all over my yard.  i don't know who's cat it is.  i want to get chickens this spring, and we were going to get a coop and fence our backyard, but cats can get over a fence.


if i knew who's cats they were, i would go ask them to keep them inside, then i would follow through with asking and if i had to, eventually i would call animal control. its silly that i can't have chickens because they are letting their cats out (when they shouldn't).  but would i be terrible if i called animal control now? i don't know who to go to, and its possible that they are strays.    i would assume they were strays and tell animal control that.  i have never seen them, but i do know what cat poop looks like.

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Well your birds should be safe from all predatores 24/7.  Wild animals, stray dogs etc.  Stray cats have never been a problem with my chickens.  Most cats are scared of a flock of chickens and leave them alone.   Racoons, skunks, fox and rats are worse you can't call animal control on them.  I agree that cats should be indoor but I'd make sure my birds are safe all the time and not call the animal control.  

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I don't think cats would harm your chickens, most chickens are pretty tough.  Once the cats know about the chickens, I bet they will stay away.  I think if your yard is fenced and you have a secure coop they will as safe as they can be.

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I have four cats and I couldn't keep them inside if I tried, so calling animal control on them would just lead to their death and to the rodents (that actually could harm chickens) to get out of control. Nonetheless I have chickens and cats and once the chicks have outgrown their infant phase they are more prone to chasing the cats than the other way around. So, get you chickens, get them a good coop , so they can't get eaten by stray dogs or racoons as a pp said.

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and I don't know where you live, but animal control wouldn't come out for stray cats here anyways.

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Cats are not a problem for chickens. The only time they could be a problem is when chickens are still chicks but chicks have to be kept in an enclosed area under a heat lamp so then they couldn't be outside and cats wouldn't be a problem. Are you planning on getting chicks or fully grown chickens? I also don't see what animal control could do. if you saw/caught the cat they could act on that but just saying yeah theres poop in my yard and i think it's a cat doesn't leave them anything to do-except tell you to call them back if you can catch it.

I'd go ahead and get the chickens being sure to give them a protected area from foxes, hawks, raccoons, etc as well as any neighbor hood dogs. 

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My cats are the kind that love love love a chance to catch a bird, and they def steered clear of my chickens. In fact, I think they were terrified! 

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I have a friend who has a huge problem with stray cats in their neighborhood coming into her back yard. They pee in her gardens, poop in her yard but, they've never bothered the chickens she also has in her back yard.
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I am so glad to hear these responses. And I know I can't protect against everything, but I can try the best I can. I am glad to know cats shouldn't be an issue!
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worst case scenario, you can trap them and take them to ac shelter for them to deal with.
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I agree with trapping the cats and taking them to AC. It is very unlikely they will bother your chickens,but no one should have to put up with other peoples pets in their yard anyway. My animals stay in my yard,and I expect the same from neighbors.


More than likely your will have more problems with possums,coons,hawks,and ALL dogs. There are many posts over at BYC about dogs killing chickens.


A secure run is your best bet,because even if you are standing right next to them a dog that wanders in your yard will be hard to stop. I stepped away from my hens to close our driveway gate,and in that short time a hawk attacked my hens. A basic enclosure like the ones listed here for cats would be great:



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