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My mom just emailed me a pic of myself and . . .

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Ohmigod . . . I HAVE  A MUSTACHE!


NO ONE told me. I had absolutely no idea. It is, like, SO obvious. She took the pic of me sitting across from her at a restaurant. 


I knew I had some blond facial hair but assumed no one but me noticed. Ha Ha. The lies we tell ourselves . . .


How can I get rid of this? I really don't know. I don't shave my legs or anything.


(When my mom called to ask if I liked the picture, I lied and said it looked great and she was happy.)


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Are you sure it wasn't just the lighting?  I used to wax (teens and 20s).  Then i got sick of that and just bleach instead. 


But, if your hair is already blond and it bothers you, I guess you would want to wax.  I am not sure is there is a good way to remove it without wax.  Maybe others will chime in.  But, you can do it at a salon or at home.  For home, there are ones where you need to melt a pot of wax and apply it, and there are others that have plastic strips pre-coated with wax.  The pre-coated ones were what i went with most often.  They're in the beauty sections of drugstores.

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Don't shave it!  You could end up with really bad irritation on your lip, plus it will cause the hair to have blunt ends and be more noticeable when it comes back...lol   When I was younger I shaved off all the blond fine hair on my upper lip and it got all irritated and made it so much worse :)


If it's really bothering you I'd suggest waxing it.  I have a couple blond hairs that grow kinda long and are noticeable in the sun and I just pluck them, but if you have a lot waxing might be the easiest.  You could also try hair removal cream, but with all the chemicals, I'd think waxing or something like that would be better.

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I use the small scissors of my pocket knife to cut those hairs short.  It's quick, painless, and leaves no mess or redness.  Just be sure to keep your skin taut so you don't cut yourself.

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Look up threading online.  You tube has a bunch of videos. It takes a few tries to get it down pat.  But no chemicals or wax.  You only need a spool of thread.

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I have the blond hairs but then have skin discoloration on my upper lip (thank you, pregnancy hormones eyesroll.gif) so I think even if I waxed it'd be there.greensad.gif  Also, I've had my eyebrows waxed before and it always makes me break out like crazy for the next couple weeks, so I quit that, too.  I just pluck the eyebrows, but I'm sort of at a loss about the mustashe. 

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I use those hair off pads. They work great! no chemicals or shaving just rub it on in a circular motion an it "sands off" the hair and makes it baby smooth!

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