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babyhawk mei tei question

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I have a baby hawk mei tei that I use for ds who is 10 and a 1/2 months. the way I was taught to wear it (with him in the front) has me wrapping the final tie around him twice and then tying it in a knot on the back.  The person I bought it from said I could also just wrap it once (for the final tie) and tie it around his back in my front. So- the thing is that as he is getting bigger, and especially with all of our winter layers, I am now able to only barely tie the knot in the back of me- when I wrap it around him and then tie it behind me. So the other day I tried it by just wrapping it and tying it on my front / his back, but it really did not feel secure to me.

so- options- should I keep trying that method and get used to it?

or- if I do get another one- which I could do- would I get a toddler hawk, or a baby hawk with the longer straps added?

is it designed to just srap around and tie behind his back or is it actually better to tie it aorund my back as I prefer?

what exactly is bigger on a toddlerhawk and do I really need that for a 10 and a 1/2 month old?

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If I understand correctly what you're describing, I can totally see a bigger baby making it impossible to wrap it around twice to tie in back. Are you crossing the straps behind your back as well or just looping them over your shoulders backback-stye and bringing them forward to cross behind babe? Just trying to get a picture in my head so I can offer useful tips.


I don't think I'd feel comfortable tying at the ends of the straps as you're describing so my suggestion would be to try switching up your tie method. My favorite is having the straps go over your shoulder, cross behind your back, under babe's legs and tied under their bum. (I prefered tying under the bum because I never thought having a knot tied in the middle of your back would be comfortable IYKWIM, although I don't think there's anything really wrong with it)


At least make sure you're crossing the straps behind your back before tying them behind your baby's back. It should feel more secure.


As far as I know, a Toddler Hawk just has a longer/taller body panel. 

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I was finding it hard to picture the wrapping around him twice so I looked at these instructions
Is the one that's labeled front carry back tie, the way you do it?

I have a mei tai but not babyhawk and that's the way I do it. bring straps up and cross in back then wrap around in front and tie in back. If you are wrapping around twice that might be why your straps are too short.
As DD got bigger, I liked to give it a twist when I bring the straps to the front for a little extra support and then just tie in the back.

If he feels too heavy in a front carry, you could try him on your back, it is not too hard with a mei tai and feels great as far as weight distribution.
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I know- my description of how I tie it was very unclear! I do it so often that I don't even think of exactly how I do it- so ltes see- I tie the lower strap around my waist.  Then I hold ds in front and put the shoulder straps behind my shoulders. Then I cross them in back and bring them around ds's body- going over his lower back or butt area, and then I bring the straps aorund and tie behind my back. This is houw I was taught- when ds was about 4 months or so. So the other method- I think you guys are mentioning- is to do it the same way, but then instead of bringing it back to tie behind my back, to just tie it behind ds's back. the thing is that I tried this yesterday and I kept feeling like it wasn't secure enough! I think I will have to try it again. I have also not had such great success with back carry yet- but hope to work on that at some point! I find it difficult and sort of uncomfortable to do and I think maybe I am just not ready for back carry yet! I like to be able to look at ds's face and have him look at mine still.

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