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Such thing as soft PF's?

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I just bought some used Rearz and DiaperRite used prefolds as testers before I bought a dozen of GMD prefolds (I'm new to this whole CD'ing thing) and I guess I'm crazy because I thought they were going to be kind of soft?  They aren't...they feel like maybe softish (being generous) jeans.  I thought they would be really soft...is it just the brand?  Or that they are used?  Do all pf's feel this way?

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Have you prepped them yet? Several hot washes and dries. GMD prefolds are, imo, soft. Compared to bamboo diapers they are not very soft but they are reasonably soft. If you really want to you can use ecover fabric softener on you diapers. Drying in the dryer also leads to softer diapers than line drying.


Also, if you have only ever used previously used diapers that may be it. New prefolds take a bit to become soft. A month or so of use after the initial prep and they will be much softer. 

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I would say that's a brand issue. My GMD prefolds are soft. They aren't silky soft but cotton soft. I also have some Gerber, store bought prefolds and they are not soft. They feel scratchy compared with GMD. I would give those a try because they are very high quality.

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yes prefolds are cotton soft like think favorite broken in Tshirt soft.. but they have to be prepped first.



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Well I've gone through four sizes of GMD prefolds with DS now and I'd say that "softish jeans" is about right. They are both made of twill after all.

I guess I don't see softness as something to aspire to in a prefold though. Thickness, yes. Fit, yes. And of course absorbability. But the kid isn't likely to notice if they feel like clothes as opposed to clouds ykwim?

ETA: I think that part of the softness equation has to do with water type as well. We have hard water and nothing gets really soft. I despise fabric softener though so, meh.

Oh...and there are lots of mamas who line dry their diapers and they get very scratchy that way but still wear and work great. I do this occasionally but am too lazy to all that often.
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My mom says today's prefolds aren't nearly as soft as the prefolds when she CD'd, for what it's worth. I have GMD in three sizes, and the most recent purchase of the unbleached seconds are noticeably softer than the white prefolds we have.

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You can always get some organic non bleached 100% cotton sherpa and sew one layer over I guess if they aren't soft enough.  Sherpa is really soft when its not blended with polyester.  I have wipes I made of it and they are amazing.

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I suppose it really depends on what you mean by soft... If you mean cushy and silky, then no. If you mean the opposite of stiff/scratchy, then that may in part be your water and in part the quality of the dipe.

My unbleached Bummis and GMD pfs are both "soft", in the same way my woven cotton sheets are soft. Theyre not something i would rub against my cheek to enjoy the softness, but they're comfortable.

If however you're looking for that cheek rubbing soft, I have a bamboo fleece pf like that, and my UtN pfs are somewhere in between... Their outer is cotton knit, so just like your fave tee shirt.
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There is a range of softness within the realm of prefolds, however.  I personally prefer unbleached indian prefolds - and they're significantly softer feeling to me than other pf's that I've got - bleached indian, chinese dsq, hemp jersey.  Actually I have some old 'vintage' curity prefolds that are amazingly soft - though they're not as thick as others being cotton gauze.  


Prepping and use *will* make a difference.  I've got a few odd ones that are now (approaching a 4th year of use) really softening up.

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Once I washed mine up to absorbency, they were soft.  My used ones are still in use around the house (emergency barf-catchers, wiping up spills, washing the car) and they are still soft, despite a lot of abuse. 

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A lot of it depends on how they are washed.  "Sanitary" cycle and hot drying can make them scratchy.  Bleach will soften them, but by weakening the fibers.  That is probably why they were softer a long time ago.  My softest are organic Indian, but I have to keep them out of the sanitary cycle that I use for pocket inserts.

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