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I am so itchy!

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What does everyone recommend for dryness and itchiness?

I live in Michigan and it is cold and snowy and dry here and my stomach is growing and stretching already!!!  I am so itchy, I can't take it.

I have tried Almond Oil and Eucerin.  Anyone have something that they love?

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It's not natural by any means but I used Olay Quench lotion.  Lately i've been mixing it with a little bit of Jergens Natural glow b/c I feel very gray, pale and gross.


I also have a tub of Mama Mio Tummy Butter that's AMAZING and I rub it on my belly, butt, and hips.  

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I use organic coconut oil.  All natural.  Smells great.  Works well!



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Last pregnancy I used Gold Bond lotion. It worked well for me!

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I'd second trying the coconut oil!  It has other household uses if you don't like it as a lotion (works GREAT for diaper rash).


In my first pregnancy I used the Burt's Bees belly butter, and liked that reasonably well too.  The stuff is THICK though.

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Did you use the Eucerine lotion or the thick cream? I adore the cream (though I buy the off brand)


I also have a fabulous scratchy mitt for the shower - DF does my back for me when I'm dying and then we slather me up in cream! And then I hold still for awhile, because that stuff makes you slimy.


For some parts (or all if you're really really patient), you can put on some kind of lotion or oil and then a hot wet towel and wrap it in plastic until the towel is cold. That's how we do in the spa I worked in. You'll be silky :)

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Coconut oil is terrific, in general, though I haven't used it while pregnant (I ran out, and have been too tired to walk two miles to get it, when the neighborhood is still piled with snow, and I have something else).  Whole Foods carries a nice one with the scent removed, if you don't like the aroma, or don't want it all the time, for $5.99. It's very moisturizing but absorbs really well.


I'm also incredibly itchy, stretching with early weight gain due to these twins, and, of course, coping with a midwestern winter.  I've been using Earth Mama Angel Baby body oil, and it's good, but I wonder if some of the ingredients are as soothing as I need, right now.  


Beckily - thanks for reminding me about the benefits of a good shower mitt/scrubber!  It sounds SO appealing, I clearly need to replace the old one that's disappeared!  Maybe when the temperature is back above ten degrees (say, Thursday), I'll go get that and more coconut oil....  :)

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I am itchy as well, though I think it is mostly winter, and not baby.  I knew I was irritated by  cocoa butter on my face, but it has started causing issues on my body as well.  Maybe I will save up for coconut oil again.  I really want to get through this as stretchmark free as possible, because of the modeling and all that.

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