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Need a new carrier...

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I currently have a mei tei. I like it, but my daughter seems very big in it (she's almost 6 months about 26 inches long and about 17 pounds), when I carry her it gets tiring and she wont frog up her legs so she's half standing in it, so I feel like she's going to fall out. I also have shortish arms so with her size now it's hard to get things done wearing her because she's "in the way". I am scared to put her on my back by myself because I am afraid I will drop her.


I like the mei tei it fits on my plus sized body, and it's not uncomfortable. I thought about getting an ergo but now I am reading that it's hard to get on by yourself especially in the back carry.


What's a good back carrier, that's easy for one person to get on by herself and doesnt require a lot of weaving and tying lol I am NOT a wrap person I couldn't figure it out....

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First, I wanted to say that your DD's legs should be out the sides of the MT by now.  She's big enough not to need to be froggied any more. That might gain you a bit of wear in a front carry.


If you like the MT on the front, I think you could get it on back carry as easily as an SSC (Ergo).  


The hip scoot is an easy way to get a babe into a back carry with an SSC or mei tai.  And here are a bunch of videos for getting baby into a back carry with a MT. It takes some practice for a back carry, no matter what carrier you use.  One tip is to practice over your bed to give you a sense of security. I really don't think there's a carrier that's a better solution for you...you just need to learn how to get baby on your back!  It takes time. :)

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