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mattress cover

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I've been looking at something to use to protect our mattress/sheets when the new baby comes next month.  We co sleep with my 3 year old as well and he has accidents a couple times a month so it would help protect it from him as well.


I saw this:




I was hoping someone could give me the pro's and con's of this.  Do you think it would be comfortable to sleep on?



Just wanted your opinions. 



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Looks comfy to me!  I'm sure you could get used to it, if it was a little different at first.


I love Etsy, you can always find the neatest stuff there!

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Thanks! My hubby just asked if I thought it was really necessary...just trying to decide to order it or not.

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That looks like a good idea! I would probably buy a regular waterproof (not the plastic potty training kind, but the ones you get at a bedding store) to put under the sheet just in case that one got wrinkled up and pulled out from under your sweetie.  

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Looks great, to me!

I've been sleeping on random patches of PUL from my diaper fabric stash, and I like that it isn't as sweaty as vinyl. I haven't bothered to sew it together to keep it from bunching though.  Maybe one of these days!

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