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Darn hormones

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I have to write a 2 page paper today for one of my online classes. This paper is supposed to be about what are the biggest environmental and biological risks for those in your community who are thinking about having a baby. In other words- what are the biggest risks associated with having a baby in your community. So I've been researching this and I can't even get any of my paper written. I seriously am just sitting here bawling about it. Kentucky has one of the highest pre-term birth rates. We also are the 6th highest states in mercury in the air (leading to birth defects). We have one of the highest overall pollution rates leading to birth defects. We have the highest rate of smoking (in some Kentucky counties 1 out of every 2 pregnant women smoke! On average, 1 of every 4 pregnant women in Kentucky smoke. The national average is 1 in 10 pregnant women smoke). We also have one of the higher rates of childhood cancer. 


ARGH! Bad time to have to write this paper. Bad, bad time. bawling.gif

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greensad.gif That definitely doesn't seem like a fun thing to do while newly pregnant..

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ugh...no fun at all. Try to remind yourself of all of the healthy things you are doing for your little one!
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Thanks ladies. Unfortunately I think this class is just going to be the pits for me. When I started this class I was really excited (it's a class on exceptional children). Now that I am pregnant I am less than thrilled.


Today I have to write 2 papers for this class- one on how I would react if I found out I was pregnant with a child with a disability, how I would react if the disability were a surprise at birth and how I would react if my healthy child suddenly aquired a disability through illness or accident. Would the reaction be any different in any of the situations based on the severity of the disability.

The second paper is another paper about how families cope with children who have a disability and how it affects the family.


Seriously?!? ARGH!


Obviously my reaction (and my response paper) is different than a lot of parents will be because my son has autism so I've been in the "special needs world" for almost 6 years now. But still..... that's not something any pregnant woman wants to think about!

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That is poor timing for you..as if we pregnant mamas don't have enough to worry about! Besides those situations are not the type you can really "know" how you will react until you are in them. But it does sound like an interesting class!

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Wow... those are some scary statistics. But yes, I second Earthmamajen! Your little one is lucky to have a mama like you making healthy, natural choices from the very beginning of its life. 

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