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High Progesterone - what are the chances of twins?

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Got progesterone results (day 9 past ovulation) a few days ago....and a BFP on day 16 past ovulation (and some implantation spotting day 14 past ovulation).  Hoorah after 2 years of trying!!!


Anyway, the progesterone was 63.  It was a natural cycle.  Now the wheels are turning...wondering if there's a chance of twins...or if maybe I miscalculated my ovulation and it actually happened a bit sooner than I thought (and had already implanted by the time I got my prog. checked...). 


Anyone else have this high a number, and what does it mean?


Thanks :) 


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I don't think high progesterone is linked with twins.  It pulses through out the day, so any one number is not the be-all, end-all. 


In a natural cycle (ie,no clomid or anything), a progesterone number over 25 is linked 95% to a viable intrauterine pregnancy, ie a baby at the end of this!

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I thought I had read that high progest is linked to multiples.
My first progest at 12ish dpo was 48, iirc. Mw later said that made her suspect twins (which I am.having)
I don't know when you last did o stims, but I believe I was told that at least clomid can have an effect even a cycle or two after taking it dt long elimination time. Dont quote me tho, just a thought. smile.gif
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Ladies, thank you so much for your replies!   The 95% success with progesterone over 25 is very reassuring - I had been trying to find info like this.  Will be meeting with a midwife soon for initial visit. 


I had taken clomid (50 mg, then 25 mg) for a shortened luteal phase the 2 cycles previous to this unmedicated one in which I conceived.  I had decided to take a break to observe what would happen in a "normal" cycle, compare notes with the clomid cycle.  I also had a lighter period on the clomid so I suspected the clomid thinned my lining - however, interestingly the RE I had started to consult with did not feel that clomid would thin a lining right away...and that tended to happen over time instead.  So maybe the clomid was still having an impact? 


The other "mysterious" thing is that this conception happened during a full moon.  I guess all the stars are finally aligning :)

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I thought really high HCG was a better indicator?


With DS the nurse was convinced he was twins because of high HCG, but I had low progesterone...


Obviously it was just one.



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