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Gluten-free - Do we need grains?

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This is really a nutrition question, not allergy.


I'm thinking we're going to try a gluten-free diet for my son who has asthma and some other symptoms.  I'm been doing a little research on gluten-free cooking and it seems like everything is focused on replacing the grains rather than just eliminating them.   But I think about it and I'm usually happy with just some meat and vegetables at a meal - the bread or rice or whatever is just filler.  So do we really NEED grains in our diet from a nutritional standpoint?

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Not at all required, and there are a few grain-free threads around for meal inspiration.  The substitutions are really about comfort foods, or about holidays/get-togethers, and figuring out something for those events--though if you're okay with things not being the same, even easier.  But stuff like a birthday party where pizza is being served, or cupcakes for your kid's birthday party (so it seems sorta normal to the guests--though again, it depends on the people invited), those are the times it's nice to have a few recipes.  Now, most of that can still be done grain-free (lots of almond flour recipes out there, and coconut flour works for some things), but again, the idea for that is still substitution.


But I don't think nutritionally grains are necessary at all--I don't see anything there that can't be gotten elsewhere. 

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No, you don't need them.  You can get all the good stuff from a wide variety of other foods.  We are gluten-free but choose to eat GF grains because we like them.  But I never feel compelled to make them if I don't feel like it or nobody is in the mood for them.  Last night there was baked salmon, butternut squash and kale chips.  Happy eating!

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I have been gluten free for almost 2 years now. In my opinion, its easier and better on my body to just eat gluten free as opposed to finding substitutes for the gluten we used to eat. Sure, I love the occasional cookie or pasta. However, my transition to eating gluten free and feeling 10x's better was easier by focusing on the foods I could have rather than the foods I can't.


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