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Norah Anne made her debut on Feb 3rd! **Pics added!! Finally**

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I am sublimely happy to share that we had our baby girl following a fairly quick labor and delivery. I had a no intervention birth in the hospital as a result of the speed of it all...not even an IV was placed.

Weds evening was uneventful other than some subtle changes that indicated that my body was getting ready beyond the days of BH and cramping that I had already had. When the contractions started I was in. a fair amount of denial. They came on and went fairly quickly to being timed at 3-4 minutes apart. That was at about 7:30 in the evening. I kept thinking that they couldn't be "the reran contractions" given the fact that I had zero other tell tale signs of labor...no loss of mucus plug, no bloody show...nothing. I called my doula at 8:30 to check in and run what was happening past her. We both thought that they were gearing up for the big event but that there was a chance that they could Peter out. About a half hour later I had the breath through them but they felt manageable still. Still no other signs of labor but the co fractions were coming closer still. We sent DS to in laws around 11:30...you know, just in case. Still in denial. I called doula into play around then just to come and help me assess the situation. I had a stalled labor after hospital transfer with DS which resulted in a loooong labor and I was terrified that I would make the call to go In too soon. About 20 min after my doula came the contractions were coming about 2 min apart and I had to pace and moan through them....but still no other signs. I kept asking how I could be dilating without the a bloody show or loss of plug. But I felt like I really needed to use a tub and I didn't want to get to othe point where the transfer was he'll so we took off. I got to the hospital at 1 and found out that I was 8 cm!!!!!! I was shocked!

Theyquickly admitted me and then hung out expecting a very quick transition. they had a hard time telling if I had ruptured already and they thought. that it likely happened in the tub at home. I kept expecting for things to get exponentially worse. Everything, though intense, was surprisingly manageable. I had a tenacious lip that was not moving and I had to push past it. Then the pushing became really hard since she was positioned sunny side up and her head was pushing against my sacrum. Out she came at 4:15! Her head and my sacrum we're really bruised but there was no tearing.

Norah was 8 pounds 10 oz and 201/2 inches long. She refused most nursing for the first day but is now nursing like a pro! She is a fair bit jaundiced but they were fine with just sending us home to nurse frequently to try to flush it all out.

We are so happy to have her here and DS has been so incredibly excited and sweet. I am just taking it all in since I have no doubt that things will change and challenges will arise. Until then, I can't get enough.
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So happy to hear such a happy hospital story!  Love it and congrats to you and your new family!

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congratulations mama, your story sounds really similar to mine. Glad it went well.

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congrats mama! and welcome norah!!!

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COngrats! What an awesome labour.. Enjoy your baby moon.

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love.gif Congrats Portlandmama & welcome Norah Anne! love.gif

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Congrats mama!  Your labor sounds like my second (I'm crossing my fingers for a similiar labor this time around!).


Good luck with the nursing and I hope her jaundice goes away soon.


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Wonderful, congratulations!!!

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Congratulations!! love.gif  Enjoy your baby girl hug2.gif

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awesome story! congrats!!!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your baby moon!

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Congrats!  What a great story!  I'm so happy for you!  Welcome, Norah!

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Great story! Congrats!

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Congratulations mama!

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Congratulations!!! so great to hear such a nice story...Hopeful mine will be a nice.

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OK...I finally got pictures posted.  I love my ipad but it is useless when it comes to doing tasks like that.  I need to get on here more so that i can read the new birth stories! 

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norah is just beautiful!!!

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