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Another one born

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We don't have a name yet but our baby boy (which was a suprise) was born at 37 1\2 weeks on Feb. 5th at 6:55am at home after 4 hours of labor. Lenght 18 3/4 and the weight was taken today and was 7lbs 6oz.


Quick Birth Story.

Woke up around 3am with pains thinking I ate something bad and had to use the bathroom but after they kept comming and was 5 minutes apart we decided this had to be labor (all my births started differently so I was a little confused even though this is my 3rd birth). My contractions was all over the place they lasted a minute, then only 30 seconds they ranged from hard, medium, light.


They even started to space out more like 8-10minutes where I got some rest..we was starting to wonder if l called the midwife for nothing but things started to pick up after the assistant(who arrived first) and the midwife reached. When the assistant reached (5:30am) she checked me and I was at 5" but said I had a very floppy/stretchy cervix (which is good) by the time the midwife reached at 6am I was already at 9 1\2" and had a slight lip that needed to get free. Things may have gone faster if I let the break my waters but I decided to let it break naturally, which it did in the pushing stage. My other two children woke up around 6:30am so DH let DS play on the computer and he held the smallest one (21 months).


Everything went well and the bay apagar was a 10.


babyboy2-5-11 001.jpg


babyboy2-5-11 019.jpg

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Grats mama! He's beautiful!

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Congratulations on the new baby boy!

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Congratulations! What a doll!

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love.gif Congrats dex_millie! love.gif

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congrats!! what a cutie.

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congratulations!!! such a beautiful story and boy! :) keep us updated on the name! :)

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Congratulations!!!  welcome, little one!  So cute!

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How sweet! Congratulations! joy.gif

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congrats mama!!


if you want his name added to the birth announcement thread, let me know.


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Too cute!  Hope your new one is settling in well!  :)

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Thanks all,


We are doing well. At first he didn't want to be put down and he have been sleeping on me. But now I can get him down in the day time for a few times. I assume he will be sleeping on me for a few more days as all the rest of them did. Healing is comming alone fine since I didn't tear. I am trying to remind myself to take it easy and start doing too much housework. DH is here today that is it. His mom is suppose to come Tues. night for a few days and then it will be me and the 3 kids after.

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congrats mama!!


if you want his name added to the birth announcement thread, let me know.


~ sarah

We actually need to find him a name.. We don't have one yet.

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congrats! he's so cute!

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Beautiful baby. Hope you find the perfect name.

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Congrats mama!  He's beautiful!

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