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Reed Kylie is here

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So in love with our little girl who arrived 2/5/11 at 2:51 after 30 hours of labor & c-section. Enjoying every moment with our little girl and waiting until we can go home on Wed. and really start our new life together! love.gif


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She's beautiful! Congratulations!

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Congrats mama!


She is beautiful and has more hair than my 2 year old!  :)

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congrats mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!hooray!!!

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Lovely! Congratulations!

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What a gorgeous baby! I love her name too. Congrats and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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congrats! what a beauty!!! wishing you a speedy recovery, and a joyous babymoon!

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Omg she is so beautiful!!!  Congrats to you!  Welcome, little baby!

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Gosh - look at all that beautiful hair! Congratulations!! love.gif


Wishing you a speedy recovery too.

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Look at all that hair! So cute :) Congrats!

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What a beautiful little girl, congrats mama.

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burg! she is beautiful - congrats mama!!


if you want to let us know her stats, i'll add them to the birth announcement list.

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She is sweet! Congrats!

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She reminds me of DS with all the hair and chubby cheeks, looking like a few months old rather than newborn. She is beautiful. Congratulations!

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Congrats!!!! joy.gif I hope you're healing well, mama! Great job! smile.gif

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Hoping you got to come home today!

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Congratulations! Look at that hair, shes definitely got more hair than my 2 year old..

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