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Happy Birthday FEB 2010!!

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Happy Giving Birth Month!!  (well for most of us)


I hope everyone is doing well and ready to enter toddlerhood!




My daughter just turned 11 months yesterday and she is doing great!  I can see two top teeth starting to come in, but they aren't here yet.  She is starting to take steps between the couch and ottoman, but usually still decides to crawl.  She's sleeping about 12 hours a night (!) and so she's upped her daytime nursing now.  She is also eating 3 meals a day and almost consumes more than her 2.75 yr old brother.


I posted a recent picture on our FB group.

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YAY!hearts.gifHappy Birthday Feb 2010 babies!


My baby just turned 11 months too. She has two bottom teeth and it looks like two top teeth are coming in. She talks a lot and even says some words like UP and it seems that she says dada and mama accordingly. She was practicing kiki for kitty yesterday. She doesn't crawl yet :), but does move around.  We are just getting to the point of making sure she always gets three meals. (i..e making sure dada gives her lunch during the day while I am at work.) She drinks mostly before bed and in the middle of the night. She wakes up a couple times but has a long period of sleeping from 2am-8:30am.  her cute new thing is pointing..she points and mumbles things about what she is pointing at!


Ill have to figure out how to upload a picture.  - Is there more action at the the facebook page? I wonder if its too late to join that ... 


What have some of you done for 1st year birthdays! I will be making a 12 page picture book, one of her each month and sending it to her grandparents. We will have a small party of the 4 of us...extended family lives far away.

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Tomorrow my baby girl turns 1.  I can't believe it, I'm in awe, amazement, and wonderment of how fast, how wonderful, and how great this year has been.  To tell the truth, it really has been fun, the best year ever.  My little girl has brought out the best in me and my husband, and we are excited to have another baby soon, we are ready to start TTC again.  I'm starting to read more parenting books about toddlers and gentle parenting.  She's signing "milk", "eat", "more", and "all done".  She's dancing and walking everywhere.  She loves playing peek-a-boo, and brings me books to read to her.  I'm so in love!


Happy "giving birth" month to all of you too!

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We're having a rough couple days.  DD is asking to nurse a lot more often than usual and my supply isn't satisfying her.  I think her wanting to nurse more is for two reasons: one she just started STTN (12-13 hours), so completely stopped nursing over night and because she has teeth coming in.  I'm debating give her some cow's milk occasionally.  She chugged her brother's chocolate milk the other day (oops!) and hasn't had any side effects from it.  I also give her kefir once in awhile, but she doesn't love it.  I will still keep nursing on demand, but I feel bad when I know she wants more.


Sunrise - I haven't planned anything for her first birthday, besides the party.  She is definitely getting the "second child" treatment.  Good thing I can check back on facebook to see when she hit certain milestones because her calendar I was supposed to write on is quite bare!

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One year ago right now, on my due date, I was sitting at a little diner in small town Ontario, willing my body to go into active labour and end the week of very frustrating prodromal labour I'd been going through. My midwife was NOT convinced I was going to deliver that night, but dammit I was DONE being pregnant.


I spent the night at the hospital, and at 11pm DS' head clunked into place, active labour started, and 4 hours later he was born.


Now here he is ripping apart the contents of the kitchen cabinets while I write this love.gif

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Originally Posted by Perdita_in_Ontario View Post


Now here he is ripping apart the contents of the kitchen cabinets while I write this love.gif

Awwww.  Happy Birthday to your little man!

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SO BIG!  :) 

We had a great big first birthday party for my first baby... but I don't think we're even going to invite anyone this time.  For one thing, my first son had a little friend with the same birthday, so it was cool to do a combined party with all our grown-up friends, and we don't have any baby friends in town these days... but mostly, I'm just tired from the party last month with my oldest turning five!  (And Christmas before that, and Thanksgiving before that, and Halloween before that, and MY birthday before that... I'm all partied out.)  :)  We'll make some kind of cake, though.  Does anyone have any good ideas for semi-healthy cakes that still taste good?  I made a really delicious yogurt-blueberry cake for DS1's first birthday, but when I tried it for his second birthday it was no good, and I don't know what I did differently!  :)  Maybe a carrot cake, everyone makes those, and we haven't tried one yet.

Wow, it's nice that some of yours are sleeping through the night!  :)  DS1 didn't do that very reliably until he was probably four... *sigh*  (I'm told that my brother was the same way.)  So I'm expecting the same thing from this one.  He still wakes up at least twice a night, and usually several more times than that as morning gets closer.  I get enough sleep - much better than when we weren't co-sleeping with DS1! - but it would be even nicer if he'd sleep even longer stretches.   :)  Do you have any tricks to help them sleep that long, or did they just do it on their own?

DS2 has EIGHT teeth now (he finally got the one that didn't come in as a pair with its matching tooth), and eats everything in the world.  Just like DS1, sushi is one of his favorite foods.  :)  The only things we're still waiting to introduce are strawberries (family allergy) and honey.  We'll probably give cow's milk next week.  I let him try chocolate for Valentine's!  :)  Just one piece, and he wasn't all that excited, but it was cute.  We even introduced peanut butter last week - earlier than they recommend, but we've never had any peanut allergies in the family, and he was constantly on the edge of introducing himself by grabbing at his brother's PB&J.  :)

He doesn't crawl any more - I told him that crawling longer supposedly makes babies smarter, but he didn't listen.  :)  He's trying to run...  if you chase him, he screams and waves his hands around, and zooms away.  :)

He says "nigh-nigh" when I hand him one of his little burp rags and he's sleepy.   :)

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Aaaaah, so THAT's where you have moved! I thought the old thread just died...


Soooo, im gonna try to join you again.. Hopefully, this thread will survive :) Or are you all just talking on FB mostly?

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