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kindle cover advice

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I got a Kindle for Christmas.  Right now I toss it in my purse. I'm wondering how careful I need to be about the screen?  What kind of cover should I get? I want something thin. I'm more worried about the screen than the rest of it.  I don't need many bells and whistles.  Anyone have one they like or do not like?

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GET A COVER... they make specific 'kindle covers' and they are well worth the $30 or so.  Think of it like a laptop or such.  You wouldn't just 'toss' a computer in your bag, its protected, most likely you phone is too.  I have a Nook and my friend has a Kindle both devices have covers.  We both have leather covers that fold over like a 'folder'.  I love mine.  It gives a cushion as well as scratch protection.  Here are some kindle links.



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I have the cover amazon sells.  I just recently exchanged my unlighted one for the lighted version that doesn't cause problems with the device.  My only complaint is that the colors they offer are boring.  I am looking for stickers to fix this problem. 

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I have the cover Amazon sells with the built in light.  I rarely use the light, though, so you might not need it on yours.  I would get one, I toss mine in my purse and I want to protect it as much as possible.

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I've got this cover


(only for Kindle 2) and I love it. It's cute and cushions and protects my Kindle in my purse. I never take it out because it's so easy to read with the flip style. Most covers open like books but I love the ease of reading the kindle in the flip cover - plus it can stand up as an easel for hands free reading at breakfast!

Good luck - it's fun shopping.

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You really do need a cover if you're just throwing it in your purse. I have one of the book style leather covers. I like it. It keeps the Kindle well protected. I do tend to slip the Kindle out if I'm going to be reading for awhile, because it is so much lighter and easier to hold in one hand without the cover, but it slips in and out easily, so I find that works fine.

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It didn't come with a cover? Mine did, but I have the 1st generation one.

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KYCat, that is a cute one!  I was wondering about a flip one.  I want it to still be thin and lightweight and easily accessible.  I was wondering if I should get one that you slip out of the case.  I just know there are issues and options I don't even know to consider. Thanks for the input ladies. Keep it coming!

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If your Kindle is going to ride around in your purse, get it a case that fastens closed. My case doesn't and that means that the Kindle in the case rides around in a gallon-sized ziplock bag. Otherwise, the screen takes too much of a beating.

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I have one of the Built covers and really like it.

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Kindle cases are currently in high demand, along with the tablet they were designed to safeguard, which is officially called the Kindle e-Reader. The monitor of a Kindle tablet - like that of any computer or computer-like device - is very delicate and should be protected against muck, fluid, dirt, and other potential sources of damage.

Another popular kind of cover is the Kindle Cover with Light. Made in seven colors, it has a light that plugs into the gadget, rather than using a battery. The light lets the person to read in an otherwise inadequately lit setting. More recently, clip - on lights are being offered individually for those who do relatively little reading in the dark. And finally, there is the Marware Eco - Vue Kindle Leather Cover, with a handle in the back into which the user's hand fits snugly, to keep from dropping the tablet. Here to Learn more about Kindle Cover

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Some of the Kindles come with covers but others may not. If you do not have a cover for your Kindle you may want to invest in one. The latest generation Kindle covers run from $40 to $150 depending on the style that you choose and can easily be purchased online at many retailers including the online auction sites that are in abundance. If you are looking for a Kindle cover you can easily find one at a discount on the internet. Be sure that you have all of the product information before purchasing from an online store. You should know the return policy and make sure that the cover will fit your Kindle Cover

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