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Now, I've officialy heard it all!

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As I have recently posted, I am researching a paper on RIC. I have it completely written but am looking for one last reference. Anyway, I came across this site that claims that circ prevents ectopic pregnancy (#3). The worst part? Check out who published it.... The NIH!



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I'm going to have to read that. Do they provide any suggested mechanism whereby the presence or absence of a man's foreskin controls where the sperm and egg meet inside the woman's body, or are they just...you know...I'm not even sure what else they're doing??



ETA: Ah - I see. It's because it supposedly prevents chlamydia. I'll be sure to tell the women I've known who have had chlamydia (one of whom has also had an ectopic pregnancy) that their partners weren't circ'd. I'm sure they'll be very surprised to hear it. I really sometimes wonder if the people who tout the "circ prevents/reduces STDs" ever stop to look at how many men in the US (and Canada - while I was growing up, at least) were circ'd at birth, and how many people in the USA have STDs. I'm guessing...no.

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ugh... This is truly horrifying.


I was just recently teaching a media literacy unit in my high school Language Arts class, and this makes me want to use it as an example. I mean, look at whose funding these "studies" and lets, for a moment, examine their motivations... How cheap and easy is it to perform a circ - for the doctor, and hospital, I mean? and then, who is the one getting paid? The doctor and hospital! Of course they want people to have this rip-off done - and who is left with the burden of a disfigured member - the innocent child!


Not to mention the section about how Masters and Johnson have already proven long ago how women prefer a circ'd penis to an intact one - and then, let's bring on all kinds of studies to show how many men in rural China prefer a bound foot to an unbound one! How's the NIH feel about footbinding, huh? Not to mention all the studies done are from people in the medical industry who (see above) have a vested interest in doctors continuing to perform unnecessary but lucrative procedures...


Infuriating. And imbecilic. And... my tax dollars at work. ugh.



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This link really only proves that circ is indeed a surgery looking for a cause. I just can't grasp WHY our society does this. At least circ is decreasing. Not really in my immediate area, but appearantly in the rest of the US.

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ok when i hit #1 i was :lol for real i cant believe the stuff they come up with. out of every reason i have ever heard that has to be the worst. it even passed the prevents ectopic pregnancy  censored.gif.

"1. Circumcision improves sexual function and creativity."  that is the biggest load of censored.gif i have ever heard

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Did you notice that she also characterized the keratinization of the glans as one of the benefits?

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Wow. That's the biggest load of horse doody I've seen so far.


3. Circumcision prevents chlamydia infections and subsequent pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.


All of these "studies" stating that circumcision prevents this or that STD/cancer are a huge slap in the face to any woman that contracted it while with a circumcised partner. I get furious reading this stuff.

Perhaps my ex partner should have been circumcised twice and I would have never caught that HPV from him. irked.gif


Also from the article: "circumcised men enjoyed a more elaborate sexual lifestyle".. Where do they get this junk from?

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Yeah, and what does "more elaborate sexual lifestyle" mean, anyway? I don't think there's anything else I can say in this forum about that, but ... really?? I'm not sure I want my sons to practice some of what I might count as "more elaborate"!!


Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post


Also from the article: "circumcised men enjoyed a more elaborate sexual lifestyle".. Where do they get this junk from?

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How about this?



 their female partners were more pleased with the esthetics of the circumcised penis


How can this even seriously be considered a benefit??  



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I can't help but feel that they said that because infertility is such a HUGE issue nowadays!   And, they have to use whatever excuse they can in order to keep making up lies to perpetuate this procedure.  They have to keep on their toes, ya' know?!?! 


I would love to see the infertility/PID rates in Europe as compared to the United States.  Something tells me, it just isn't going to be consistent with what they are saying.

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