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First time moms to be- February thread

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I went looking for the firsties thread, but I only found the November, so here's one for Feb.  I'm just curious if anyone else has "popped" yet?  I know from the belly thread that a lot of the mamas here have popped, but I know a lot of those are previous mamas.  I'm not due til the end of July so it's still pretty early for me, but maybe some of ya'll with earlier due-dates?

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This is my first baby, and I'm almost 19 weeks (due 7/14). I still haven't really "popped." I am definitely getting a baby bump below my waist, and a little hardness above my waist (I guess that is my organs being pushed up? I'm not sure), but I still have an indentation at my waist. Is that normal? What shape is everyone else's belly?

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I'm in the same position.  I will be 17 weeks on Thursday and can feel where the babe is and am definitely more full on the top than where the baby is which is unusual for me.  I have no waist line anymore greensad.gif but am waiting for this little one to have a growth spurt. 

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I'm 18 weeks 2 days and I guess I've popped.  I don't completely understand what that means but I definitely look preggo!  I didn't exactly have a flat stomach to begin with but it's not just a flabby gut any more, it's a gut with purpose!  It's not just my lower belly either I'm round from top to bottom.  My mom told me that people used to tell her she was as big around as she was tall so I guess I'll be a big pregnant lady too.  I haven't taken any pictures yet, now I kind of wish I had from the beginning...oh well, I was too tired in the beginning.

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Thanks for starting this thread I've been waiting for a new one! I'm now 18wks and lately people are telling me I'm really showing all of a sudden. I notice the bulge stays more present when I lay down now and I can feel the shape of my uterus more, its firmer- not just squishy. Lots of new sensations. intense ligament stretching on the sides, some mild period like cramping (mw says this is due to my uterus growing but made me worry for a few days). DH and I heard the heart beat for the 1st  time a few weeks ago. It was amazing! There's really someone in there! Has anyone felt movement yet? I keep thinking maybe I feel it, then second guessing. I can't wait for unmistakable, for sure movement.

Right now we are trying to decide whether to do the 20wk ultrasound. I never wanted to but DH is anxious to see that the baby is alright and is leaning towards getting it.


The baby I nanny for just woke up, more later...

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I'm still not sure on the movement...sometimes I can like just feel my pulse pumping in my stomach, and so randomly I'll feel something like that, but not a continuous beat and I'm like "wait...was that a movement or just a pulse thing?"  I'm also excited for the undeniable movement

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Hehe, we stopped doing monthly ones back in December - there is now just a "First Time Moms To Be Thread" that isn't a monthly. The thread was too quiet really for a monthly one smile.gif As is evidenced by the fact that the thread is down near the bottom of the DDC! That's where you'll find the most up to date list of our first time moms for July.

Less than 2 weeks to our 20 week ultrasound - Im excited!
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I am, somewhat predictably, freaking out a little about tomorrow's appt...it's just a regular OB one, there's nothing special planned... but I keep having these awful feelings of dread. It seems that every time I see or hear a heartbeat, I'm OK for a week or so, but the appts just aren't that frequent! I so, so, SO wish I could just feel a little movement. It's too easy to convince myself that something has gone wrong.

Please, baby, kick me! I promise not to complain! (though I should remember this in several years when you start kicking the back of my seat, eh?)

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meander - keep us posted with how it goes! I know everything will be okay for you but I completely understand the sentiment. Especially the more I read about people feeling the baby at 13, 14, 15, 16 weeks, and I still can't feel it. I keep debating getting a home doppler but then I wonder if I'm not able to find a heartbeat how much more freaked out will I be?

C'mon babies, please kick a bit!
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Well, still no kicking, but baby has a solid heart rate of 140! And my blood pressure has gone down a little since last visit, to my surprise--I've started having some swelling in hands and feet, (yay!) so was a bit worried my BP was to blame. Nope, just water retention! Which I can live with...but I need to get my watch band fixed, and probably find a nice chain for my wedding ring. I've gained something like 12 pounds overall at 16/4, but it was only 2 pounds in the last 4 weeks (I gained like 6 pounds of bloat instantly at conception, honestly), so my OB is fine with it--I was worried she might be of those docs who are sticklers about weight gain. Thank goodness she isn't! I've been on prednisone the whole pregnancy, so keeping weight to any specific rule is difficult, and I'm not really trying. I'm mainly lucky I haven't been hit with any serious hunger yet.

Sorry to ramble. I'm just really relieved everything went smoothly today.

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Meander-I'm so glad the appointment went well!  For what it's worth I felt movement early (like 13-14 weeks) then the past week or so I haven't really felt anything.  Just when I thought I was going to run to the ER to check, there it goes bouncing around like a little rubber ball!  Hubby even thought he felt it.  I think the little bugger knew I was going to freak out if I didn't feel anything soon.  Tell your little one you need some reassurance.winky.gif

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