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If you delivered your twins vaginally...

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what was the length of time between their births?

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8 minutes

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a few minutes.  smile.gif

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7 minutes. :)

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19 minutes.
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13 minutes

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7 loooong hours!

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Less than 5 minutes.

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Originally Posted by StacyAnn View Post

7 loooong hours!

greensad.gif poor thing!  there should be a law against that.....

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 18 min. probably because I was induced, and had help from pitocin

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40 minutes for me.

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14 minutes

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10 minutes but baby b was breech extraction.

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Just over an hour - homebirth, and a relatively long time between births because I wasn't really having contractions at that point.  Just took a break to rest and decided when I was ready to push.  Baby B's sac was intact up until I started pushing and my midwife ruptured it.

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20 minutes-homebirth   Probably would have been a few minutes longer except when I was feeling B's head come down I felt cord (LOL it was his sister's cord from her when she was delivered).  So I felt the cord and pushed like a maniac until feeling the clamp on the end of the cord.  Then I slowed back down and let my body do the work.  I had about 10 minutes of no contractions after the birth of baby A. 

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14 minutes,
nice and calm, kinda wish it had been a tad more, but the docs were getting fussy and I wanted them to leave me alone, so I moved things along to get their hands and all the monitors off me
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28 minutes. Felt much shorter to me! 

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1 minute! huh.gif  My first baby was born and the second one followed straight down the birth canal.  It took the doctor by complete surprise.  Everyone said they had never seen such a quick delivery of twins.

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25 minutes.  Baby B turned transverse and had to be turned.  Luckily she went to head down but decided her arm was the first thing to present.  So once they moved that outta the way we waited for contractionds and out she came.   I didnt have to push long with her.  And honestly - I didnt realize that it was so long. When I found out the intervals between the births I was shocked!

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21 minutes

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