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Just finished a cold snap here in Chicago. The past 3 days the highs have been around 7 degrees and night time windchills around -30F. Glad that's over with! I have a gut feeling that we may be done with that kind of bitter cold. I feel like spring may be right around the corner. Nevermind the 8ft tall snow fortress surrounding my house. The temps next week are going to be in the 30's and may even reach 40F. That's going to be amazing to those of us who have been really fighting this frigid weather.

Ordered my Hypnobabies home study and it will be here tomorrow. I am really excited about getting started with that. My doula is also trained in childbirth hypnosis so I think it's great we will be able to work together on that.

My big ultrasound in on Thursday next week. Super excited about that. I have felt the baby move, but not often, and I go days without noticing much. This is baby #4 for me and I remember feeling stronger more frequent movements much earlier but all pregnancies are different. I have a doppler at home, so that always puts my mind at ease.

I felt a little thump just now. smile.gif

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We had our anatomical scan and I think it went well. We had the technologist so she didn't say much but pointed out a good bit after she finished the measurements. I asked her lots of questions though :) The day after we had our fetal echo, which was normal! Love the doc - he follows DD for her heart and he is super friendly and forthcoming. At one point, he was going to check out the umbilical cord, he said to me "if you aren't like my other patients, you know too much of this stuff, so if you don't want to see the baby's sex, look away now lol" So I looked at the wall and he explained everything he saw (a 3 vessel cord, 2 arteries and a vein, woohoo!). Baby's heart looks great and baby has great looking heart flaps that should close after birth like they are supposed to (this is what DD's heart didn't do).


I am having leg pain though. In the front of my legs. I can't figure out what is causing it, if it is pressure from the way I am sitting/standing, something else. No swelling though. My ND suggested magnesium before bed but I may take it now to see if that will ease things. I am also considering some heat therapy to help make things feel good. Certainly a bath too, but my ILs are over so that may have to wait. My fluid intake is good (but I would like to see better). Hmmm...of course I will also bring this up with my mw next week when I see her. The weird part is, it comes and goes, and can be gone for weeks at a time.


Glad most people are out of the cold now - we got it too (but in Canada, that is pretty common). It is supposed to be nicer today but I worked overnight with a mama of multiples so I am taking today easy, sleeping as much as I can and otherwise relaxing.

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Valerie- You don't live too far from me.  I'm just over the border in WI.  Howdy, neighbor!


Nicole- I hope the magnesium helps with your leg pain.  If anything it will surely clean you out.  wink1.gif


I'm still not feeling movements.  I'm nearly 20 weeks.  What the heck?  Every once in a while I will think I felt something, but I'm fairly certain it's just my other organs or gas.  I feel like I'm carrying really high too so maybe that's part of it.  I can't wait for my u/s on Wednesday.  DH can't be there though as he will have to watch DS.  No kids are allowed.  irked.gif

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