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having to say good bye

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I had my u/s this morning and I had tow babies in there measuring 5.5 and 6.5 weeks. So, me being 8.5 weeks there is no doubt that this will be a misscariage. I am absolutely heartbroken and in shock. Right now I have no idea how this is going to continue because I am still pregnant and i feel pregnant, too:( I will talk to my ob this afternoon.


I hope everyone else has a wonderful and happy pregnancy and a healthy babe in arm in September. 

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ChiaraRose - I am so sorry for your loss.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Sends lots of hugs and love your way.  hug2.gif

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hug.gif's mama.  I'm so sorry.

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Oh no, ChiaraRose! I am so, so sorry for both of your losses. hug.gif


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Are you 100 percent positive on your dates? Is it possible to wait a week and get a comparative u/s to see if there are any changes?
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i am so, so sorry for your loss.  that is heartbreaking *hugs*

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Tilted uteruses can make you appear a few weeks behind too. Did the babies have heartbeats? If they did I wouldn't give up hope yet. Hugs to you!

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Maybe your dates were off? Don't give up yet! hug2.gif

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Im so sorry. Big Hug!

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I'm going to keep praying that the u/s was wrong, your uterus is just tipped back a bit and you had late implantation! I am measuring more than a week behind, myself. Much love mama. Wishing you peace and healing if that u/s was in fact correct.

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I am very confused right now. I started the day throwing up, my boobs are sore, I feel very pregnant. Because of that and because my cervix is closed and my lining looks perfect, my OB ordered a bllod test 48 hours apart and a repeat u/s on Monday. It all doesn't make sense to me. The date of conception the u/s puts me, at that point I already had a BFP. And no heartbeats yesterday , no:(

I should know more by Thursday to see how my HCG blood tests come back.

I am pretty sure this is a no go, but of course now I have this glimmer of hope. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. They are very appreciated!

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I really hope that there's something strange going on here or the ultrasound didn't work or something.  Good luck and definitely keep us updated!  goodvibes.gif I'm sending you lots of good vibes!

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Any news on the blood tests?  I'm really hoping you're doing ok!

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My hcg is still going up, but it for sure doesn't double, especially not for twins. So, no unfortunately I have a missed miscarriage. I got some cytotec from my doc today and going to start this tomorrow night. i really hope it works (my ob said 50/50) otherwise I decided to have a D&C  next Friday. My body is not giving up these babies and I can't throw up for another possibly 4 weeks to then naturally miscarry. I am very sad, but I will be okay! Thank you for thinking of me.

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I am so sorry, ChiaraRose.  hug.gif  

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are they sure that is what happened? if you hcg is going up doesn;t that mean your still pg? i never seen a heartbeat @ 5 weeks. I wouldn't be so quick to take anything. i have a friend who went to have a d&c but they told her the baby was already gone so she went home to misscarry, but 5 months later she was still pregnant.

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yeahthat.gif  I was wondering too about that...cause even with twins, the rates don't necessarily 'double'.  Everyone's HCG will change at different rates.  And I'm rather an anti cytotec person as well.  It can cause some really bad stuff, like uterine rupture.....  I just wouldn't do it and as long as numbers were still going up, I'd wait it out.  But, that's just me.  I know it's got to be stressful for you going through it, and I'm sorry for that.  grouphug.gif

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If the numbers are still going up, I wouldn't take anything. 5-6 weeks is early to hear a heartbeat too... Is there any way you could wait a week or so and get another u/s? I've heard so many stories of moms being told they've had a missed miscarriage and to get a d&c, but decided to wait it out and had fullterm babies.
Praying for you. I know this must be so hard:(
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