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So sick of this cold

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I just needed to vent. I have been sick with a cold for over a week, and I am so sick of it! I finally thought I was getting better but its now in my ears. Ugh. I am a long to-do list thats only growing longer since I have no energy.


I hope you all are staying well and don't get this cold!

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Ugh! I know your pain...I had a sinus infection for over a month. I didn't want to take any drugs. Then it got better for my friends wedding that I was in..and then BAM! It hit again...I took two days worth of meds and it went away. Haven't been sick since.

I really hope you get better! If it starts going into your nasal passage...like your face is going to burst...please get some meds...its soooo hard being that sick pg, especially this late in the game!

Get better!

....edited to add...I was told and read that if you get an infection like sinus infection....that it can make you go into early labor. Not trying to scare you at all....just want you to be careful
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Thanks, Jennifer! I did end up taking some regular tylenol for the pain in my head and sinuses and that seemed to help. It seems most (non-pg) people I know with the cold have ended up on antibiotics, but I think I may be kicking this for good... I am thinking positively (and having lots of oranges, hot tea with honey, and steamy showers!)

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