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So sorry about your thrush!  That is the worst!  Uggghhhh, I hate sugar! 


But I'm totally a slave to it sometimes.  It's really too bad that just giving in a bit while on vacation can have such a negative effect, but it really does.  This week I decided to have some ice cream and some honey sweetened gf brownies, but boy have I snowballed all week because of it!  I've had milkshakes and muffins and brownies and sweetened yogurt.  Not good.  I feel totally out of control again, not like I was last week when I was on top of my sugar cravings and not giving in.  This week I've totally given in.  And even while typing this, I feel like I want to keep eating it and making more goodies and treats for the weekend.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it a whole month without giving in.....that's kind of a depressing thought.

i feel the same. i gave in and put some extra sugar on my yogurt. :shrug and then i couldnt stop myself (at least that is how it felt) and had a donut and bought chocolate soy milk, ugh and muffins. :( at least they were HFCS free but the sugar has a hold on me. i am hoping the warm weather gets here soon. it might make it easier. i am hoping it makes it easier. i cant seem to make it longer than 2 weeks....



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Just want to recommend a book and dvd! The book: The Sugar Blues by William Dufty - The Dvd: FatHead (can't remember the name of the guy who did it). I believe you can watch the whole movie FatHead on Youtube, but I can't remember. Anyway, both are VERY, very good.


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An amino acid supplement called AMINOKIT Recovery Formula ended my sugar

cravings in 24 hours. However, you must use it every day for months until it

helps restore the brain's neurotransmitters, which the body MUST have to

function normally.  


Amino acids (e.g. dopamine, seratonin, etc.) enable the brain to replenish

neurotransmitter deficiencies. Refined sugar damages neurotransmitter receptors

in the brain. Amino acids are found in animal protein but high-sugar diets cause

amino acid deficiencies. The result is that the body's cells use up available amino 

acids so the brain is chronically deficient in amino acids. I was a major sugar addict

until I started using AMINOKIT Recovery Formula.


The product is so effective because its 100% Pure and processed by 

by compounding pharmacists - NOT high-heat factory equipment. The heat

destroys nutrients such as amino acids.


Ironically, refined sugar also stimulates neurotransmitters so you wind up craving

the substance that is creating amino acid deficiencies. People get fatter and fatter

every year because they eat greater and greater amounts of refined sugar - the

main cause of weight gain. Colorado is the skinniest State and the only State

with an obesity rate of less than 20%. The proprietary, nutrient blend in

AMINOKIT Recovery Formula has been used by Colorado residents for 15 years.

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