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Postpartum Mama Cloth

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I had just started using cloth menstrual pads before I found out I was pregnant and fell in love with them.  I'm interested in using them postpartum, but need some advice on what to buy.  I already have 2 pantyliners, 2 pads, and 4 liners that are all meant for a light or average flow.  I'm assuming this will not be enough to handle my postpartum lochia, so what would you recommend I add to my collection?  Who is your favorite seller?  Thanks!

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I wish I could help you on a seller, but I make my own from old diapers and scraps.


I will say you want to get some for heavy flow and overnight for lochia.


Try the WAHM market here, maybe? (that's still here, right?)

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I ordered some from GemCloth. I can't tell you how they work, but several moms on here have talked about them, and they are less expensive than any others I've found. I know that some moms use infant prefolds or flats as well, for the first few really heavy days. 

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I ordered the post partum kit from Luna pads and LOVED LOVED LOVED them. they feel wonderful out of the dryer! Warm and soft! Perfect for the flow...and I swear i didnt bleed as much nor as long with mama cloth.

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I'm going to check into some of the awesome suggestions from the mamas above for out of the house use, but here's my suggestion...


When it's just me around the house on my period, I just wrap a prefold under myself (like I was putting on a diaper, basically) and then pull some bigger undies up over it.  And then I wear big sweats, or a robe.  It's kind of bulky, but because it isn't plastic, it's pretty darn comfortable, and I already had the prefolds.  Not the most attractive method, but around my house I pretty much don't give two hoots...


You obviously wouldn't want to do this to go anywhere, but postpartum, I didn't really get out much.  It was mostly me, in my robe, hanging out at home.  Once this pregnancy is done, I'm going with the diaper stuffing method postpartum!  You can get a dozen infant sized prefolds for next to nothing, and then you can use them as diapers too (or to soak up milk, or spit up, or...).


But thanks to the mamas above me for the good out of the house suggestions.  I was already dreading going to the store and run errands with those crinkly plastic pads.  Blegh.

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I made some myself when I miscarried at 11 weeks. I bled really heavy. It just gushed constantly and my pads amazed me. So long as you have a fleece backing you're set. I made 10 I think? I do laundry almost every day anyways so I just kept throwing my pads in with whichever load I was doing. Ideally I'd like more though. 15 would be great. Im just to lazy since these are doing the job.

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I don't have any postpartum pads, but I do have mama cloth from treehugger mama cloth, and I'm in love with them. She does sell postpartum pads as well. She is a WAHM who started her company after cloth diapering her daughter and wanted to branch out into other options for herself.

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I have the Lunapads postpartum kit, and found them very comfortable.  I highly recommend the "lunapanties" to go with it.

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