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hip pain already??

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I have a super crampy feeling in my hip that sort of travels down my leg a little. I can tell my uterus is stretching because on both sides, near my pubic area, it's a little crampy too. I'm just shocked that I am feeling this already at 15 weeks! Anyone feeling hip pain yet? I'm thinking a warm bath will help... and maybe a pillow between my legs at night.


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The bath and a pillow for your knees will probably help at least a little... I would also suggest finding a chiropractor who does the Webster technique. In both of my other pregnancies, my hips were so bad by this point that I felt like an 80-year-old cripple, but this time I've been seeing a chiro friend of mine, and my hips don't hurt at all! It's amazing, they were seriously so bad last time that I didn't know if I would be able to put myself through another pregnancy, I felt like I'd need a hip replacement by the time I'm 30!

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I second chiro care. I've been having sciatic pain too but haven't been able to get in to see the chiro yet because of their hours, but it really does make a big difference with my pain. Sleeping with a pillow between my legs also helps, I have one of those huge double sided maternity pillows this time around and it's wonderful.  

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I've been having sciatic pain also, something I didn't experience last time.  It's pretty annoying.  If I ever remember, I'm going to setup an appointment with a chiropractor.  


The pillow and bath sound like they'd be very helpful to you (and probably me too for that matter).

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(not in your DDC but I was in the July 2010 club, so I was in your shoes last year!)


Just wanted to share that I went through the same thing with my second.  With the first, I had some occasional hip, leg, back pain, but it was MUCH worse with the second.  Apparently, in addition to sciatica, you may have what is called pelvic girdle pain of pregnancy.  More common with subsequent pregnancies, gets worse with subsequent pregnancies, can start as early as the beginning of the second trimester (mine started around 18 weeks), and is due to increased levels of the hormone relaxin that loosens your pelvic joints and makes your pelvis "unstable" (you can google these if you want more info, but that is what I learned).  I had all sorts of things done to cope with it, including massage therapy, physiotherapy, orthotic shoes, exercises, pillows, abdominal support belts, and eventually did modified duties at work (I'm an RN, so I went from being on my feet for the whole shift, to doing desk work, which helped immensely).  I went off work at 36 weeks, because even the desk work was too much.  It was pretty intense, but the good news is that it usually goes away pretty soon after the birth with no lasting effects (mine went away completely around a month after DS was born).  Ahh the joys of pregnancy!  


It definitely got worse with the passing weeks, and I hope yours doesn't!  It put a huge damper on my ability to enjoy the pregnancy, but it was all worth it in the end. love.gif

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