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Hi, ladies.


I'm part of the TTC forum.


I just wanted to thank everyone in here.


I've been researching on this topic and I've read through sooo many of the posts on this forum, it's ridiculous.


Anyways, this forum helped sway my DH to keep our non-existent son the way he was born!


So, thank you. =)

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Your post makes my heart happy. Thanks so much for sharing that. Often many of us get discouraged in real life when family & friends circ. It's nice to know we collectively make a difference for people we may never meet. FWIW, I think you're quite smart for researching so much now before you have a baby. I wish I would have had access to so much of the MDC info years ago when I was pregnant!

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There is a book by Thomas Verney called "The Secret Life of the Unborn Child" it's a little bit old and seems dated now... but I think a lot of the content is timeless... a running theme in the book is that if the mother feels threatened, her anxiety IS her baby's world. I worry so much for all the mothers out there carring children and feeling so distraught over this decision or the pressure to circumcise... male and female babies alike suffer from this imposed anxiety and it's heartbreaking when a pregnancy should be such a joyful time.  I am so happy for you that you were able to get this out of the way before you concieved.  That's unusual and so wonderful for your family!

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