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Talk to me about showering in the morning?

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Yes, I can honestly say that I have always taken my bath/shower at night.  I have never done it in the morning before.  I am like, 32 years old and everything.  lol.gif


I have noticed that I am sweating at night now, probably thanks to living on the upper level and the heat rising, etc.  So I am going to have to switch to the morning shower from now on.


My totally weird question is about pajamas.  lol.gif  Somehow it just feels wrong to me to wear pajamas more than once if you haven't showered before getting in them.  Although if I was actually gross from the day- dirt, mud, etc, then I would take a shower in the evening anyway.  I usually wear my PJs for about 6 or 7 days now, but I am showering before putting them on, how dirty can they get?  So someone answer this totally odd question for me, please. 


I also need to learn how to use a hair dryer, as I just wash at night and let it dry naturally.  My entire world will be upside down tomorrow morning, for sure.  ROTFLMAO.gif

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lol.gif you are funny!
we both know i am a little... lax on the hygiene issue so take my advice with a grain of salt!
I don't really see a problem with re-wearing pjs, even if you haven't showered just before putting them on. Do people wear fresh pjs every night?
as for blow drying, how fast does your hair air-dry? usually if I get up and take a shower before work I try to budget enough time for it to be reasonably dry before leaving. my hair is super thick and curly and after about an hour or so its reasonably dry, but I don't even really towel try or anything. all that to say, maybe you can go without the blow dryer? someone else will probably be more help on that front..
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I prefer to sleep as long as possible.  lol.gif  My favorite hair style is wearing it in a pony tail.  But I get tons of compliments when I wear it down.  I have super fine hair so it shouldn't take too long to dry.  It could probably dry on the way to work in the car.  I will try that in the morning, if it doesn't work out, then I can always go to the hair dryer on Wednesday.


I will evaluate my squick factor on the rewearing pajamas tomorrow I guess.  lol.gif


I am a teacher, so I don't usually feel dirty at the end of the day or anything.  In fact I think I smell quite nice and it is almost 10:30 PM.  lol.gif  So I am probably okay to rewear them.  Can you tell I have a touch of OCD? 

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I shower at night too, and have always done so.  In fact, its so ingrained into me that I shower before bed that I actually *feel* sleepy in the shower, no matter what time of day it is. 


When I moved in with Dh, it felt so weird to me that he showers in the morning.  I was really icked out that he would come home from a full day of travel/work/etc. and just brush his teeth, get into a pair of shorts and go to bed.  I seriously felt like he was bringing all sorts of grime from his day into bed with him.


The one good thing about us showering at opposite times of day though is that we never run out of hot water!

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I can not shower at night, I like to start my day off feeling clean and the shower wakes me up. Because I do have small children, have to work sometimes, a DH that needs to get out the door, children to school... I don't shower every day. DH and I take showers on alternate days. I would LOVE to take one daily and someday when children are older, I may very well be able to! I don't blow dry my hair, air dry only. I change PJ every other day so I have clean ones on my shower days. 

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I'm a morning shower-er.  I like to start the day feeling refreshed, I guess.  On the few occasions I have showered at night, my next day just doesn't feel right.  I wear my PJs 2-3 times before getting new ones.  I don't really get that dirty during the day, though! 

I have really thick hair & I usually put it up still wet or let it air-dry.  It really doesn't take that long.

Hope your new routine works out for you!

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I shower every morning and I typically wear a pair of pj's for 2 days.  I've always had VERY oily hair so I have to shower and shampoo in the morning or my hair will start looking greasy by the middle of the day.

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I shower morning and evening. I can't seem to really wake up without a shower, and the idea of going to be dirty grosses me out.

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Could you take a quick rinse-off shower in the morning, without wetting your hair, and take a longer shower at night?

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I've always had the exact opposite view of pajama-wearing.  lol.gif  When I showered in the morning, I would gladly wear pajamas for several nights in a row.  I figured it didn't matter if they got me dirty because I was going to get all sparkly clean in the morning anyway.  Now that I'm a night showerer, I wear fresh pajamas every night because I don't want to put my clean body in dirty clothes.  Also--I have a lot of hair and haven't used a hair dryer since the early 90s, when I was trying to grow out my last perm.  redface.gif  I would always let it dry on the way to work when I was a morning showerer.

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If showering at night, I will wear my jams for 2-3 nights.  If showering in the morning, I usually only wear them once.  Summertime is different.  I wear fresh jammies daily in the summer.


Notes on a hairdryer:  If you have a professional job (one that requires a polished look), you can often get by with blow-drying your bangs and just a bit in the front (especially if you will be wearing a chignon or polished pony).  I know most offices don't allow the wet-hair-look, though.

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When I shower depends on the circumstances for me mostly.  Usually in the summer I shower in the morning (because it's warm anyway and I often get sweaty while sleeping) and in the winter I shower at night (too cold in the morning to get wet and my hair freezes on the way to work).  I don't always shower every day, depending on how I feel (right now I'm pg and feel extra icky) and usually only wash my hair every other day.  I don't wear PJs so I can't help you there.hide.gif

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I shower pm and am.  Have for yrs and yrs.  I like the fresh showered feeling before bed, helps me sleep.  And I have to shower to get going in the morning.  I think it all started when I got out of nursing school.  No way was I going to bed without showering after working a 12 hr hospital shift.  And getting back up the next am I needed it to wake up.  I wear my pjs about two times before washing them.

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Okay I have officially switched over to the other side.  lol.gif  I loved showering in the morning.  My hair looks all kinds of awesome.  It stayed curly and bouncy all day, instead of being flat and oily like it normally is.  It only added about 40 minutes to my morning routine, too.  So yes, I think I will start the morning showering from now on. 


Oh and I am in the same PJs as I wore last night and nothing terrible has happened to me yet.  lol.gif

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Some reading for you regarding the pajama issue. My dh and I debate the pj issue so much that I made a thread about what people do with their pajamas.
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Why not bath at night and have a quick shower in the morning?

I am a bath lover I HAVE to have my bath at night so that I can sit in there and read. On the times I wasnt able to bath at night I dont sleep as well and feel icky. I cant stand the thought of showing in the morning personally the idea of getting out of bed then getting wet makes me cold.gif
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Isn't it funny that different people use the same thing (showering) to either wake up & get refreshed or relax & wind down before bed!


OP - I'm glad things are working for you.  I agree that showering in the AM can do wonders for the hair.  It doesn't look all flat from sleeping on it!

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Matey, that link gives me an error, and I can't find a thread exactly called "what do you do with your pajamas". Do you have a link to the first page of that thread or something?


I like to shower in the middle of the day, tbh.  *giggle*  We have a huge skylight right in the shower, so I feel somewhat uncomfortable showering at night (it's too dark, esp with the black backgrounded Jolly Roger shower curtain!), and it takes me a bit to get my body temperature regulated in the morning.  So I prefer to shower in the middle of the day, before the sun starts getting low in the sky.  :)


I used to shower & shampoo my hair every single morning, and leave with my hair still wet.  I got a huge kick out of combing icicles from my hair when I reached my destination in the winter!  *LOL*


Like pp have mentioned, have you considered taking a more extensive shower/bath at the end of the day, & a quickie shower in the morning?  Also, to combat flat-from-sleeping-on-it hair in the morning, I'd have a spray bottle with some water in it (I also have one with salt water in it, for a more tousled, fresh-from-the-beach, sexy & rumpled-on-purpose look), spritz it on my hair (mostly my roots), then blowdry it with my head flipped upside down.  This way I "refreshed" my hair without having to soak my head & then leave the house with soaking wet hair or spend a million years blowdrying it (I have nice thick dark hair that's color-treated, so it takes forever to air dry).  Depending on one's personal desires, this could still be done even when showering the morning - just don't wash your hair in the morning shower.  Y'all probably already know that brushing your hair will distribute your natural oils & that a mostly boar-bristle brush is the best for this - that way the hair isn't greasy @ the scalp & dry on the ends.  ;)

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My hair has never looked better now that I shower in the mornings.  lol.gif

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I may shower in the evening at times but I HAVE to shower every morning. By shower though, I don't mean wash hair. Washing hair every day is very bad for hair (mine, definitely, but I imagine for others too) and the scalp. I do that as and when needed; pre-baby, twice a week, now, whenever I feel icky with it, because I cannot remember when I last did anything. 

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