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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, not sure where to post.  I've NEVER had weird cycles, always 27-29 days.  No getting pregnant issues ever.  In the last couple of years, staying pregnant became a problem.  I had at least 3 chemical pregnancies when my youngest was between 1 and 2.  Chalked it up to all the night nursing she was doing.  Got my cycle back around 15-18 months pp (can't remember exactly when.)  Got pregnant when she was 2, the same month she weaned.  M/C at 11 weeks last June.  Didn't do any testing to see what caused the loss, assumed it was stress.  I was and still am under a very large amount.  I gave birth to the baby but underwent a D&E to stop the bleeding.  Ever since my cycles have been getting shorter and shorter.  The last three started coming closer to and closer to 3 weeks. Just started at 19 days!!  The last cycle I felt like I was ovulating during it, what??  I'm not TTC so I'm not worried about that, but I definitely want to figure out what's up with my body.  Anyone else been through anything similar? Could it just be stress?  Is there any hormone testing I should do? 


Thanks for any input, totally confused here.  Also, I just turned 34 whether that makes a difference.