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Slight Allergy to Milk, How to bump up weight?

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DD had her 15 month well check and she was 75% on height and 25% on weight. Doctor said she should be closer to her height percentile for weight. Also, suggested that her night waking may be caused by hunger, and wanted me to give her cereal before bed. I am going to assume she meant the kind you put in a bottle?


DD is still breastfed, and will never take a bottle. And with the exception of two hours before bed, she is eating solids CONSTANTLY. She eats so slow, and for the past month or two I feel like all I do is chase her around trying to get her to eat snacks in between meals.


I always thought her night wakings were because of teething (she has 16 teeth, and i made a couple threads about it here before be no on answered...), but I am open to this hungry during the night idea.


Do you lovely mamas have any advice?? DH and I are getting tired always preparing different things for a meal for her, only to have her spit it out and then giving her something else. We always have at least 2-3 backups in case she starts getting picky (like one day she will love it, and then the next day hate it).


So frustrated! and worried. 

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I'm curious because I have the same problem. DD wakes up twice at night, usually, to nurse. She has a broad spectrum of things she can't eat, but is also super picky at only 14 months and it's so frustrating trying to get her to eat and preparing all this food that she sometimes just totally refuses for no apparent reason. I have to say though, I don't see a difference at night between the days when she eats alot and when she eats less.

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Our first son's weight plateaued for 9 months, and we caught flak from our FP doc. for it. She basically told us to push fats on him - ice cream ( you can do coconut based ice cream if dairy is bad), add oils to what you are offering, follow Homer Simpson with the "Mmmm. Bacon." directive if you do meats, daily avocado, peanut butter, bananas. She said that mostly what they need are calories, and it's okay if it's from things with high fat content. She seriously told us to feed him bacon every day if that was what he wanted to eat. Don't you know that made DH happy...DS1 is still very slender - 3 1/2 years old and probably 32 lbs. If he's not careful, baby bro is going to outweigh him in another 6 months. Do what you can do... If you can give something with protein right before bed, that will help with the night waking also - maybe try a lentil soup or meat (if you eat it).

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