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How did you tell dp?

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Let's hear it! How did you tell the news?

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DH had been away on business for about a week. He got back on a Friday and, by then, I already knew deep down that I was pregnant (nauseous, vomiting, etc). I tested the Friday morning that he got back but it was BFN. That night I woke up at 4am nauseous again (I have almost every night at 4am for almost 2 weeks now). I decided to test again since I was already in the bathroom. Up popped a very very light BFP on an internet cheapie. I thought maybe I was seeing things (I didn't have my glasses on) so I decided to use my last FRER. It came out with a much more obvious positive. I went back to sleep since dh had been traveling and I wanted to let him rest. He got up with ds the next morning. When I woke up I wrapped up a little onesie I had bought a couple months ago that says "I *heart* daddy". I called dh upstairs to the bedroom and gave it to him. He thought I was joking at first so I had to show him the stick. LOL! He was so excited once he realized I was serious!

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Well since we had unprotected (and unexpectedly passionate) sex the night I ovulated we were expecting it actually.  My period wasn't due for another 5 days but I just COULDN'T hold out anymore because I had been sick for a few days.  I tested around midnight and I left the test in an empty oreo container on the desk.  That morning I asked him to look in the package bc I wasn't sure if I ate all the oreos the night before.  He found the test and was like "You're pregnant?!"  Yep :)

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I got a faint positive with an Internet cheapie one morning, and when I went back to bed to wake him up, he knew something was up. When I told him, he said he wasn't going to get excited until I got a DARK line (we had an issue with an evap line a couple months ago).

I tested the next morning - still faint, but darker. I told him in a couple of days, I'd retest. Of course I couldn't wait, so the next morning while he was making me breakfast, I took another and it was MUCH darker. I broke out my Answer - dark pink. I broke out my digital - pregnant. I walked downstairs with all three, laid them out on the counter, and said "Dark enough for you?"

His response?

"I KNEW you couldn't wait two more days!"

We're both thrilled. We have had this completely hilarious and perfect relationship. We are both really dark, sarcastic, hilarious people. We met through fake ads on Craigslist (he posted one looking for a 50's style Betty Crocker to open his beers and not talk, and I told him that was fine but I was going to take all his money and sleep with his friends). We are totally meant for each other. He told his roommate he was going to have kids with me after our first date. This has been my really twisted, awesome, perfect fairy tale. But we are so totally screwed when this kid can talk....
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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

We're both thrilled. We have had this completely hilarious and perfect relationship. We are both really dark, sarcastic, hilarious people. We met through fake ads on Craigslist (he posted one looking for a 50's style Betty Crocker to open his beers and not talk, and I told him that was fine but I was going to take all his money and sleep with his friends). We are totally meant for each other. He told his roommate he was going to have kids with me after our first date. This has been my really twisted, awesome, perfect fairy tale. But we are so totally screwed when this kid can talk....


I don't have much of a story. I showed DH the first light pink positive (IC) and I don't think either of us were fully convinced. Then I took one a day and collected them. DH is a man of few words, but he would get up every once in while and go look at the collection.
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I bought a shirt for our DS that read, "Big Brother," and just sent him into the living room as DH was getting the mail from the front door.  When he saw it, he said, "You're kidding? We definitely have to sell the house now!" He was super smiley, which made me very happy! He defintely knew it was a posibility from our actions ( winky.gif ) last month.

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I tested in the evening after holding my pee all day. He knew I was going to test but apparently forgot about it. (Probably thought it was just another BFN I didn't want to talk about). He sat on the couch next to me and I told him, 'wow, there's a huge baby boom on (a forum I've been on a really long time).' Then I handed him the test. He said, 'negative huh?' and handed it back to me. I was like um, no. lol He was then like, what this faint line? Um, yes. He was working a lot that night and on the phone almost the whole night. After, we were watching some TV show and someone was pregnant. I was like, 'hey, she's pregnant too!' And he's like, 'oh yea, you're pregnant!!!' with a huge smile. lol

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at 8dpo, I woke DH up at like 7am to help me read the test, I had a realllly faint line. He was in the middle of sleeping obviously, so he just said "yes, there's a line". He seemed really bummed that he found out in such a boring way. We were TTC for 6 months though and I was too happy/relieved to wait!

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Nothing romantic as we've been open to conceiving. I woke him up to show him the not-that-faint IC and he was like "that's just an anomaly". I was like "oh no, this is positive" and he rolled over and went back to sleep. I used a digital 5-10 minutes later (when I remembered we had one in the house) and even I was shocked when it said PREGNANT. I shoved it in his face in bed. He was shocked too! 

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I was away at an academic meeting, and had brought a test with me just to make sure that our contraceptive failure did not have any lasting effects. I have an autoimmune condition that makes my cycles irregular, and I knew that the first day of the meeting would the best day for me to test so that I could really trust the results.


So I peed on the stick at 6am in my hotel bathroom, took a 10 minute shower, and then checked the test, fully expecting it to be negative and planning to enjoy some wine with dinner that night. Ha!


I emailed DH a photo of the test, managed a quick video chat with him for a few minutes, and then went and gave my first ever talk at Harvard, freaking out internally the entire time. I had a ton of meetings and events to attend over the next couple of days, and didn't even manage to have a decently long conversation with DH until I got home.

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I woke him up at 6:30 AM, saying, "I GOTTA SHOW YOU SOMETHING" and waving the pee stick in his face.  He kinda blinked and I realized it was going to take a while for his brain to sort out what was going on, so I just said, "It says I'm pregnant!"  I forget what he said then, something like "good job baby!"  Then I let him go back to sleep.  It won't be the last time he wakes up early for a baby.

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I was out of town, so I either texted or emailed him a picture. 

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For our first pregnancy - I waited until he was almost home from work to take the test. I had been "feeling" pregnant and knew that I wouldn't be able to hold in the news. As soon as he walked in the door I grabbed him and gave him the most intense and passionate hug and kiss, then whispered into his ear that we were having a baby. He laughed, cried and did a little dance around the living room. :) He immediately wanted to call my Mom to tell her. I thought it was so cute that he was so excited to tell MY Mom. :)


By morning his excitement turned to worry. He told me that he was so happy that he was terrified it wasn't true (my husband the worry wort). He drove me to the drugstore to buy every different kind of test there was. He made me take a test every day for two weeks and would give me a high-five and kiss my belly every time it was positive. So cute!


The second time around, we had planned to get pregnant for so long, it wasn't such a big surprise. After TTC, I made a "Christmas chain" for my TWW. Every morning we pulled off a link until the morning I could take the test. After that faint line appeared we gave each other a high-five and ran to give our son a big hug and kiss. :)

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I woke up on a Friday morning and I just knew (I have know each time) and so I told him. I think I might be pregnant, by breast are tender. We both left to go to work. On my way home from a meeting I stopped and bought a test and took it in the grocery store bathroom - BFP! So I went and picked up our son and bought him a baby doll and a shirt that said Big Brother.


Then we went to pick DH up from his work. On the phone he asked if I wanted to come in, I said no (I didn't want him to find out in front of his co-workers and DS was in the shirt and DH works for a beer company so I didn't want to have him find out by me refusing a drink). He thought I was just being weird because I thought I was pregnant.


He got in the car and we went to get something to eat. When he was getting DS out of the car he asked me why he had a baby (we were going to get him one for his birthday so he wanted to know why I bought it early) and I said "I don't know, check out his shirt". He did and said "So you tested?" and I said "Yup" and he said "You shouldn't have told me this morning, you are always right, so I already figured you were."

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We weren't trying this cycle. We were between clomid cycles, taking a 2 month break to give my body a break from the drugs, wean ds & then add femara to the mix. But on the 13th I noticed my cervix was WIDE open - I'd never felt it like that so I figured we should give a try. We only dtd that one day. I told myself I wouldn't stress about it 'cause the chances of us conceiving without assistance is so low (we went 6 years ttc ds). On the 27th I didn't have af so I figured I'd pick up a two pack while at the drugstore putting a package in the mail.


We were at mil's house, I came back from the store & went right to the bathroom. I was SHOCKED when I saw the positive. I had to look away & shake my head & look again. I went into the kitchen & asked dh to "come here, now!", but he didn't catch on & I had to ask him half a dozen times before he got up & by then I was crying. MIL figured it out before he did.


I'm still amazed we conceived on our own!

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I told DH I thought I was pregnant, and I would test the next morning. I did, it was a BFP, and this dialogue ensued:


Him:"It's kinda faint."

Me:"It's a line... it's positive!"

Him:"Oh yeah? Well, that's good."

Me:"You don't sound thrilled."

Him:"Well, you know, it's the fourth time... it's kind of "old hat" by now."



He's never very enthusiastic, if we won the lottery he would react the same way. But with an occasion like this, it makes me want to hammer.gif.

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I had tested two faint positives-one was super faint-but it was a dollar store test. (serves me right.) Then I got a walmart +/- test, which was a definite positive, still faint, but positive. However, it faded out completely within 20 minutes, so I really didn't have anything to show for it. I got all paranoid, went out, and bought one of the pink lined first response tests.


I re tested the third morning and it was a loud, solid positive. This was really early in the morning (morning sickness had woken me up.) Excitedly, I crawled back in to bed waiting for the Mr. to wake up.

My husband has to get up pretty early for work-a lot of the time we'll lay in bed and talk before he gets up to leave. When he did wake up, we started talking...he said "I have a dilema".


"what is it?", I asked.


"well, all of our babysitters are away for valentines day weekend, and i'm working afternoons on valentines day. I wanted to take you somewhere nice, but now I don't know how.."


I said "no worries sweetie, we'll figure something out. But, I have a dilema that trumps yours."


"what's that?" he asked.


"how much vacation time do you get in a year, refresh my memory?"


"three weeks, plus christmas break, and one shut-down week in the summer...why?" 


"well", i said, "how do you feel about taking a bit of time off in october?"


"why october?"


"I just thought that it would be nice if you had some time off when our baby is born".


His eyes got really big, and he had a huge grin on his face and said "really?, Really, really?? you're sure??" Then he got all mushy lovey dovey. He's been kind of dreamy ever since, and extra doting.haha

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That is too cute, Corrabelle!


Right after I told dh he got into the really lovey dovey "I'll do everything you just sit down and relax" mode. I laughed and told him I was perfectly fine doing dishes and laundry and stuff. He's still in the "I'll do everything" mode. I told him it'll get old real quickly winky.gif We'll see how long it lasts lol.gif Today is the first day all week he's gone to work (he's been working from home all week) so now I'm free to do laundry (3rd load is going right now). I'm getting ready to mop my floor too. I can NOT just sit around and do nothing.

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Agreed! doing nothing makes time go by soooo slowly. I'm in panic mode. I have SO much to do before we can have a baby. yikes!

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My story was that my love wanted his own child so very bad. Always talking about it, holding my belly, telling me he couldn't wait til we had a child etc. But I told him we have to plan when the time is best (I have 2 kids, 3 and 1, from a previous marriage) Well we conceived on a very passionet night, while he was in my arms telling me that he wants a baby.


A little over a week after that night (3 weeks pregant) I just KNEW. I don;t know what it was, i wasn't sick, no signs, I just knew. I rushed to the store after work, and peed on a stick, and after a minute it was negative. So I dismissed it (yes one minute.. continue reading)


A few days later I had the urge to test again, as if something came over me. That morning I had the day off, but my love was working. First pee of the moning I peed on the stick, one minute later, negative. SO I thought ok, well guess I just have weird feelings. I fixed my kids up on the table and feed them, and returned to the bathroom 5 minuted later. I had the test on the counter from putting it down and when I looked, I did a double take. It was  faint line! SO I grabbed the one I took before, and another faint line! I was used to my first two INSTANTLY changing that I dismissed it after a minute (but I was also 6-7 weeks pregnant when I took theirs) I took another a few hours later,and actually waited, and watched it changed. I was so excited, but still in doubt!@ So i went and got the  digital one. That one said "pregnant" so I proceeded to go to a craft store and buy a bunch of papers and stickers and pens to make him a card.


I wrote him a poem and wrote it through the card, about a line per sheet. Each paper kind of went along with the poem. I don't have it in front of me but it was along the lines of I was giving him a gift, and time he would have to wait. But unlike our love, the wait is not forever. For the changing of the eaves is what will bring... and then I made an little envelope in the card with a little card inside that said "our child that is due". I gave it to him when he got home (I was going to do a romantic get away for a weekend and present it to him then, but I couldn't wait!) He looked at me and said.. wait.. what?!


So test #4 of the day... i peed on another digital test "pregnant"


He was in complete shock and proceeded on to eating almost 2 boxes of Oatmeal pies from beign nervous. Needless to say, he is extremely happy!


I will probably take pictures of it soon and post it. I was proud! (I make cakes, not scrap book cards haha)

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