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This was not a planned pregnancy for us.  DH usually gets an automated email warning him when my period is about to show up, so when I was late, he knew about it.  We both hoped that my new exercise routine just made me late (I've often gone a good 6 days late if stress or sickness is timed just right), but 10 days late, I knew it was time to test.  He was with me when I bought it.  I told him when I was going to take it, after the kids were in bed and quiet.  When I came out, I told him, in a resigned sort of voice, "Well... it's positive."  I showed it to him briefly, and then threw it in the trash, lol.  To think I kept the tests so proudly with my first couple pregnancies!  Our 3rd child was also a surprise pregnancy, so we've been through that emotionally already.  And both of us were prepared for the real possibility of a positive test by the time I broke down and took one.  So his response this time was, after one heavy sigh, "Okay, then.  I guess that's that."


Aren't we romantic?  lol.gif

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Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post
 his response this time was, after one heavy sigh, "Okay, then.  I guess that's that."

Lol! That beats even my hubby's "it's kind of old hat by now". lol.gif

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We were actively TTC for only 2-3 weeks. Then I started feeling my pre-period cramps so I figured that I didn't conceive. But I was still curious since I still had a few days before I'd miss my period. At that time we went to Destin for 2 days. I had a preg. test with me. At 4:30 a.m. I had to use the bathroom and used the test. I wasn't in a hurry to read the results but there it was a BIG BIG positive!!! I was so happy, couldn't fall asleep for a while. It was hard not to break the news right away. But I waited and it paid off. 

We went to the beach at around 10 am and we always play this game at the beach where one person is laying on their stomach and the other is tracing something with their finger on their back(letters, words) and this person has to guess what that person is tracing. So I was asking DH if he wants to play that game, but he said he just wanted to sleep in his chair, but later he might. I was too impatient so I said I can trace the words on your stomach then! He said ok.


I started out tracing, "you're cute" and then "I love you" (so as to throw him off the track in case he's guessing what I"m up to). and then I traced "you're a dad". At first he guessed "you're an ape" so I traced it again and he "read" You're a dad? And he jumped up from his chair and asked if I'm pregnant. I said yes and showed him the test. It was the best moment ever. He said that he was totally surprised and I got him good :) 


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I had gone off my birth control pills a couple months before, since my insurance had run out. Since then, we had said we were "not not trying". So when the beginning of February rolled around and I hadn't started, I was quite suspicious. DH, on the other hand, wasn't suspicious--he knew! I don't know how he knew, but he did. He's good at those things. I took a First Response test two days after the LAST possible date I could have started. He was home and knew I was taking it. I got a suuuuper faint line, and I didn't quite believe it. I walked out and just handed him the test and said, "I think that might be a line." He said, "Yeah! Yeah that's a line! I knew it!" He was SO excited, he wanted to call our parents right away. I insisted he wait until I went to the doctor--which I did, and it was positive, and I STILL didn't really believe it until the end of the first trimester. He was honestly far more excited than I was. I'm a worrier, and he was just all "We're having a baby!!!!"


Funny note: my family had bets running on when I would get pregnant after our wedding (which was August a year ago). My mom said a month--she was wrong. My dad said within a year--he was quite right. My little brother said six months. We found out after the six-month date--but I got pregnant in month 5! He should have gotten a prize for being the closest.

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Trinket my husband also worries less about these things than I do lol Any problems, he'll read up on them and assume we're in the percentage where things end up well. He's always right, but still...it can drive me nuts :)


Once I left the test in the bathroom and ran to tell him to look in the bathroom. Apparantly he knew what was going on. He was very happy. This time I tested while he was at work, and left the test on the toilet lid when it was close to time for him to get home. It had a faint positive and he looked with the lights off so didn't see anything. I told him to turn the lights on and look again. Then he was thrilled. My teenagers already knew because I showed them the faint line and asked what they thought (it was so fun having older kids to involve this time!!) as a way of telling them.

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