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Baby eating hot wings

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I went to a superbowl party yesterday and my son became really hungry.  He didn't want the boob, he wanted solids.  I made him a plate from the buffet.  There wasn't a huge amount of stuff to choose from, but I did the best I could by getting him some fruit and some wings.  I tore the chicken off from the wing and gave it to my little guy.  He ate a little bit, and seemed to like it, but he also wasn't sure about the spice.  Overall, I'd say it was a neutral expeience.  It gave him the opportunity to try something new.  He wasn't a huge fan, but we can try again in a few months, no biggie.


Anyway, some of the moms were just glaring at me because I let my baby try the chicken.  For the life of me, I just couldn't understand why they were so upset.  I mean, baby tried some chicken and then life goes on shrug.gif

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Meh...people are REALLY weird about babies and food. I know people who freak out over the fact that I let my baby eat those Terra beet chips, but then they turn around and feed their babies highly processed veggie puffs. They think the veggie puffs are okay because 1.the package says they're for babies and 2. it says they're "veggie" puffs, even though they're mostly flour, and the all natural beet chips, made from beets, oil, and salt, are really bad, because they're not for babies. Or something like that. I don't really know. lol I just ignore people when it comes to feeding babies. Most people apply no common sense at all when it comes to this issue.

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Oh geez. I'm sorry you got dirty looks from those other moms. Once my kids request table food, we pretty much give them whatever they want to try (well, except peanut butter and honey). One of my ds' first foods was very garlicky hummous. Why not? Glad your LO liked the hot wings!!!

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My 10 month old ate (and quite thoroughly enjoyed) the spicy guacamole at the party yesterday. She rejected the mild version. winky.gif

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I think it's just easier to offer what we're eating and more practical. Besides, ds will scream if he doesn't get what we're eating. This weekend he got his first taste of German Sauerbraten. His little face pucked up as if he ate a dozen lemons (Sauerbraten is not THAT sour), but then he was game for more once he knew what to expect.

With my dd I got some slack because she would eat chili not because it might have been spicy, but the beans were at issue. She also loved all the veggies from the German Kohlfamilie (Rotkohl, Blumenkohl, Rosenkohl = red cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts) which caused alarm from the grandparents and a few other Germans because these items are just known to cause an upset stomach/gassiness/etc and I was just inviting trouble by giving my baby these items. DD was just fine.


Enjoy those wings, baby! eat.gif

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hahah. too funny.


we wouldn't be eating wings because we're vegan, but my dd eats just about everything i eat. i do realize sometimes that i'm giving her stuff that other people will probably frown on, but meh, they are free to judge me, just as i'm busy judging the mom spooning rice cereal into her 4 month old's little tummy. :)


i think some people don't realize that the overall diet is what is important, not the individual things. sure, it looks bad to be offering your 10 month old a spoonful of icecream or a piece of cookie, but people aren't seeing that those things are anomalies in our diet, for the most part.

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go kid! wings are so yummy!!!


i got a weird reaction from another mother once for feeding my then, idunno, 7 or 8 month old, pasta with pesto. 

she straight up said, "you're feeding her....PESTO?!?"

um yeah. olive oil, garlic, pine nuts...healthy fats and delish. what's the problem? 

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ds was eating duck confit and past w/ pesto the other day. I say go for it, my kids ( the older ones ) were always exposed to a wide variety of non kid foods, and they will eat absolutely anything now, but they may be the exception?

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I don't know how old your baby is, but I went to a food bank with my 9 month old and they kept trying to give me jars of baby food. I kept saying, "no she doesn't eat that, no, not that either, nope, she really just eats regtular food!" The lady was like, "applesauce and mashed banana are not nutritionally complete. She needs to eat jarred veggies and meat." I was like, "uh, what about just eating *real* veggies and *real* meat?" lol They feed their babies the same 6 flavors of unseasoned food out of a jar for months on end, then they hit 1 year old and their parents can't figure out why they won't magically start loving "table food." Which, by the way, why do they call it table food? I thought "table food" was a term for dogs, not human babies!

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I remember when DD was a baby - probably about 10 11 months old I gave her some dosa (Indian flatbread with different stuff inside.) It was SUPER spicy -and she loved it! Funny, none of the Indian people in the place batted an eye that I gave it to her.


She went on to eat EVERYTHING until about age 4 when she started getting fussier and now (7) she's really picky. But I think it's just a power struggle thing. I expect her to come back to the fold soon enough. 

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I love eating lemons, love all things sour and I craved sour all through my pregnancy. Both boys love lemons too. I gave DS2 a lemon wedge and people thought I was being mean giving him lemons to eat. Yes, he made a sour face but he kept on eating it and wouldn't let it go.


I also wouldn't hesitate to let kids try flavourful / spicy foods.


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My 6-month-old grabbed a handful of halwa (semolina, ghee, cashews..yeah, wheat, dairy and tree nuts all at once) off of my plate last week. Oh well.

He does seem more interested in purees and mashes (halwa has a thick mash texture) than in finger food, but we skipped the thin rice cereal and went with things like avocado and banana mashed a bit with a fork, and regular oats just crushed a bit in the cuisinart and cooked. He rips the spoon out of my hands and feeds himself (sort of ;-)).

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There's very few things I wouldn't offer my baby to try; greasy, salty things like potato chips (although she had some french fries at McDonalds... once!), honey and peanuts. I don't give her cow's milk either. But healthy, homemade foods? She can try whatever we're eating. So far, at 8 months she's eating exactly what we're having for each meal, with few exceptions (choking hazards, processed food, etc)

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I got nastly glares today, DH had a hankering for wings, so we went to BWW.  My two year old was happily mowing down wings and the baby was sucking on a piece of celery.  A waitress kept hovering, and I over heard her say that she hopes we know the heimliech because one of our kids was sure to choke.  Bah.

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