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17P (progesterone) shots?

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Has anyone else done these, to reduce their chances of another preterm birth?  I'm 17 weeks pregnant; my son was born in his 34th week (PPROM) so I'm considered high risk for another early birth.  And although he's fine now I am, frankly, terrified of that happening again this time around.


I start the shots this week and I'm looking for advice, community, etc. What sort of side effects did you have?  Did you manage to carry to term?  What were the shots themselves like? 


Many thanks.

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Update:  the cost of these shots is about to skyrocket.  There's a good article about it here:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=134400300.  If you're using them, it may be worth trying to order the rest that you need today before the price spike. 

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My first son was born at 29 weeks due to PPROM at 28 weeks so this time around I was on the P17 injections starting at 16 weeks and home bed rest starting at 27 weeks. However two days after my 31 week injection I had PPROM again. Made it until 32 weeks. Spent 3 weeks in the NICU and just got home a few days ago. So for me it didn't seem to help a whole lot but maybe it did keep him cooking for the additional 3 weeks....I don't know. However, I didn't have any contractions and my cervix was completely closed so at least IC and preterm labor were ruled out......so I guess at least we learned that I just make really bad amniotic sacs.


Anyhow - regarding the injections themselves I had no major side effects. I was a little sore for a day or two afterwards...like a minor bruise or something. I also seemed a bit more emotional for a few days afterwards but it wasn't that bad. I had to go to the clinc every week to get mine but I've heard that many women are able to give them to themselves or have someone give them to them at home. To me the actual injection felt like a hard pinch but I've got a lot of extra padding so I think it helped! My insurance covered the majority of the cost.


Good luck to you!!!

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Found out about the price spike too late (3/11 at 8pm) and now if my insurance company doesn't grant the appeal I submitted from my doctors, I will have to stop the shots at 25 weeks.  Freaking out a bit.  If you can get the shots covered by your insurance (United Healthcare is not covering it anymore), then I would take them.  I ice my bottom for 5min before hand and massage vigorously after for a few minutes and everytime it starts to hurt.  So much better then I thought they would be.  I had a 34wkr too who was in the NICU for 3 wks.  Don't want a repeat, but looks like I am going to have to play the odds.  Very frustrated right now with the whole situation.

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Katie, I'm glad you're home with your baby now, and thanks for the advice about the shots.  How disappointing (to put it mildly) that they didn't get you to full term.  I know there's less research into 17P preventing PPROM, which makes me nervous too.  I hope you and your new one have an easy time settling in at home.


Samhope, try this link:  http://makena.com/pages/hcp/care-connection/financial-assistance.aspx.  The company is saying they'll help anyone pay for the prescription, so it may be worth a try.  I've also heard that compounding pharmacies may be able to keep making the cheap stuff, by changing the oil they use or otherwise tweaking the inactive ingredients.  All the best to you-- it would be criminal for the new pharma company to make you stop getting the shots.  Let me know how it turns out for you?


I've had about a month of the shots at this point, and no real side effects.  I was prepared for WAY worse, frankly.  We were able to stockpile enough of the cheap shots that I'm set through my pregnancy.  Now I just have to pray that they work.

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 My doctor suggested those shots to me too at my last appt. I oppted out because I didn't PrePROM untill 35.5 and had a totally healthy, uncomplicated pregnency up till then. Also, while DS did spend 1 week in the NICU due to labored breathing, he has been totally healthy, happy and developmentally on track since we brought him home. I just felt that in my situation, everyone being so healthy, that throwing a drug into the mix was not necessary. I like to keep drugs out of my system unless they are really needed.


Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I again keep the bun in the oven until after 34 weeks. Of course, life being what it is, I'll probably go into labor 2 weeks late!

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Samhope, it looks like compounding pharmacies are going to still be allowed to make 17P shots after all:  http://www.latimes.com/health/la-na-fda-drug-price-20110331,0,992096.story  It's worth asking, if you're still looking for the shots!


Nightskies, thanks for your input.  My midwife said the shot is just progesterone, a normal hormone that I don't make enough of, and can't hurt the baby.  That tipped the scales for me and I decided to go for it.  All the best to you this pregnancy, and may be both go full term with big healthy babies.  orngbiggrin.gif

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I heard about it yesterday:)  I already got my drugs in the mail, but am so relieved for the other mamas out there who are affected!

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Oh, good, samhope, I'm relieved to hear it!  I'm looking forward to hearing about your full-term birth later this year.  :)

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Ditto!!  The b-h contractions have started again which is a little scary, but otherwise all is good on my end:)  Here's to 36 wks+

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After delivering my first child at 27 weeks, my doctor and I have started planning for my next pregnancy (fingers crossed) and part of our plan includes putting me on progesterone shots at 16 weeks.  I have to say, I was heartbroken when I read this thread a few weeks ago, knowing that we wouldn't qualify for assistance AND wouldn't be able to afford the higher priced drugs.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic that it looks like there may be a more reasonable option.  Thanks to all of you currently on the hormone for posting, I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

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I had the shots in my pregnancy this last time.  I had my first dd at 36 weeks after PPROM and my second at 33 weeks after PPROM.  This time around I was able to go 37 weeks 2 days (9 days after my last p-17 shot.)  I did have ROM to begin labor, but I'm glad I made it as long as I did and I think it was in large part due to the shots.

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I had my first DS 3 years ago at 28 weeks after 10 days spent in antipartum after PROM at 27 weeks and had weekly 17P injections with next pregnancy and still had my DD at 25 weeks due to placental abruption two weeks ago.

Hope you, ladies, will last much much longer in your current/next pregnancies!

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Lousli, I'm hoping for an outcome like yours!  My last shot will be at 36w3d, and I have a hunch I'll deliver by 38 weeks.  I need to be 36 weeks to avoid delivering at the high-risk hospital, but I really, really want to go full term.  I'm sure you know how that is.  The later I get in this pregnancy, the more I worry about early labor.  Among other things, I'm determined to get our nursery set up and everything else squared away by 28 weeks.  I want time to sit around and wait, this time!


Olya_yurk, I'm sorry the shots didn't work for you.  25 weeks is so early.  How is your DD now?  How are you holding up?


CGsMom, good luck with the TTC!  I'm thrilled that you'll be able to get the 17P you'll need, despite the dumb new company making it.  In terms of my experience with the shots so far, I've had next to no side effects.  I think I'm hungrier than I was with my last pregnancy, but that may also be because I'm mom to a very energetic toddler.  I've had some itching and/or soreness at the injection site but nothing consistent.  It seems to depend entirely on who gives the shot.  When a midwife does it, no problems at all.  When one of the nurses does it, it usually hurts more and/or itches.  I therefore aim for having a midwife do it, and now that I've started FFN testing it looks like I'll be seeing the midwives at least every other week.  (On the upside, less painful shots.  On the downside, vaginal swabs.  Ah, pregnancy.)


Samhope, I hear you on the BH.  They scare the *&^% out of me.  I had them a lot right before my water broke, and now I get them every time I'm remotely active.  My midwives don't seem too concerned, but I'm definitely less active as a result of them.  I mean, what if they're actually the result of an infection I don't realize I have?  What if they're actually dilating my cervix?  Not fun.  I hope you're having a less worrisome time.  When are you due?  I think we're pretty close-- I'm due mid-July.

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I too hope that other moms will be able to carry their babies much longer than I did.


My DD is 4 weeks old today (29 weeks adjusted) . She is currently stable, some days are better than others. I'm holding up well, trying to think positively.

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Hugs to you, olya_yurk.  I'm so glad your daughter is stable now.  I hear you on the good and bad days, though.  I know you have a long, roller-coaster road ahead of you-- I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.  Keep us updated as you have the time.

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olya_yurk, so glad to hear she is stable.  Hope you are balancing life with toddler and the nicu the best you can.  I am sure it must be demanding.  Hugs!  Fingers crossed that they are giving you good snuggle time with your little one and that she keeps progressing:)  Congrats and stay strong.  Blessings to your family.

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Thank you, ladies! Thankfully, my DH and my parents are helping with my 3 y.o., so I can spend more time at the hospital with my DD. We do kangaroo care almost every day with her, whenever she is stable for that. Both of us love every minute of it, of course. She will turn 5 weeks/30 weeks gestational tomorrow and doing very well most days.

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Olya_yurk, thinking of you and your DD.  Hope everything is going okay.

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Thank you! We had a couple of bad days this week, but she is much better after another blood transfusion.

Happy Mother's Day, ladies!

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