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Olya_yurk, wishing you many more calm stable days to come:)  Hope you got a little bit of time to take care of you and keep your well full. 



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Thank you so much for your thoughts and wishes!

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Olya_yurk, still thinking of you.  I hope you're all doing okay at this point.


I'm 34 weeks today-- this is the day when my water broke with my son during my last pregnancy.  I'm really feeling it today-- I'm nervous and cranky and keep getting angry at the wrong people (the phone company, the florist...).  I mean, I'm grateful to have made it to 34 weeks again, but I'm still terrified of having another preterm baby and going through that roller coaster anguish.  Come on, 37 weeks!

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Thank you, Pigirl! Looks like we will be going home soon!


Wish you to stay calm and for your baby to wait for 5 weeks more! 

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Pigirl.  Sending you calming thoughts and prayers.  Are you still taking progesterone?  How are you feeling?


Olya_yurk, that is such great news! Congrats Momma.

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I am 32 wks 6 days and my doctor said yesterday that she was hoping I would make it to 36 weeks- hell no!  37 weeks it is:)  Glad things are going so well for all of you!

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Olya_yurk-- wahoooooooooooooooooooo for going home soon!  What a journey.  I hope you have some nice, boring summer days ahead of you.  Let us know when you're home.  treehugger.gif


CGsMom and samhope, thanks.  I'm feeling a little less freaked out now that I've passed the point when my water broke last time.  I think I'll feel better still when I get past the point when my son was born.  I am still taking the 17p shots every Friday; I have 3 left.  I'm mostly feeling fine, although my nausea has come back somewhat.  I wonder if the shots could be causing that, since they're keeping my hormones higher than they normally would be.  It's actually kind of reassuring.  Especially because my hair is starting to come out (nothing dramatic, but just like it does post-pregnancy) and I wonder if that's because my hormone levels are trying to drop.  Not that I've overthought any of this.


Samhope, I really can't wait to hear your post about going all the way to 40 weeks.  Are they still keeping you on bedrest?  How are you feeling?

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I have had three pre-term babies. 35, 32 and 34 weeks. This pregnancy was the first one where we've done the shots and I'm sitting unsteady at 35 wks 3 days. The longest I've carried. I didn't have PROM, I just have a very irritable uterus that starts contracting around 21-22 wks. I've been on multiple meds for the contractions as well as the shots, so I don't know what's working, but SOMETHING is working. I was on the meds last time and only made it to 34 weeks, so maybe it is the shots. I'm only dilated to a 3, though the baby is at +2 station, (I always get my plus and minus mixed up, fully engaged is +, right? lol) and I have a TON of contractions, so, it's up to chance still if we'll make it to 36, but either way, it's longer than I've gone before. Here's hoping! I, too, was scared to death of facing a NICU again and the dr's feel that this baby will NOT see the inside of a NICU if it comes between now and Friday, so... let's hope... my 35 weeker didn't have to go to the NICU and my 34 weeker ALMOST didn't, she was just breathing a little fast so she spent a couple days there for observation.

A long way about to say that, yes, I totally think the shots CAN help... but maybe they don't for everyone. I also have some nausea from them and I've had trouble with my milk trying to come in a couple times now. As in, I woke up engorged and leaking once, then woke up with clogged ducts. Both times my dr. told me to take peppermint. I think the shots just cause some weird hormone shifts that confuse your body a little, but to me it's a small price to pay to not end up back in the NICU.
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Still hanging in there at 33wks 4days:)  Have started to have some cramping down low (30secs and then gone), but only 5-6x a day.  At this point it is kind of exciting because I know it is my body preparing- although no one else I know at 33 wks is having them (more like 37-38wks).  Still on bedrest and actually taking it super easy till 37wks.  Struggling with the GD diagnosis and higher then desired fasting scores, but otherwise excited to be so far along and so close to full term!  I am thinking baby will probably come shortly after the shots end- which is way okay with me:)

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We are home!!! Our baby Anna came home last Saturday after 80 days in NICU at gestational age of 36 weeks and 2 days. The funny thing is, that's exact the same gestational age, when our son came home too (and he was born more than 3 weeks later). She was sent home with no monitor and no oxygen, no meds either (except for Polyvisol vitamins). Thank you for your prayers and good wishes our way! Thank God for everything!


Easy full-term pregnancies to all expectant mommies and healthy babies to all!

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That's awesome news, olya_yurk!  And no meds or monitors to worry about-- what a blessing.  Welcome home to baby Anna!  joy.gif  Thanks for letting us know.  I hope the transition to home life is easy.  And may you never have to see a NICU again.


Ky-Momma, you're just 4 days ahead of me!  I hit 35 weeks today, and I've never been pregnant this long, either.  Go us!  And I'm totally getting nauseous again and I think it's from the shots.  I haven't had my milk come in, but it's astonishing how hormones really control everything.  It does help me to believe the shots are working, though.


Samhope, bummer about the GD.  I'm glad you're taking it easy, and that the contractions have slowed down.  (I remember before you were getting a LOT.)  I'm also expecting to give birth shortly after the shots end.  June 28th is full term for me-- what day do you get there?

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July 28th is full term.  The contractions before were just braxton hicks and bedrest has been a wonderful gift in stopping them.  Our savings took a serious hit, but all worth it if little one cooks to full term!

Olya_Yurk- Great news!!!!  So happy you get to enjoy having baby in your arms at home.  Such a wonderful feeling:)

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Thank you for you kinds words and wishes!

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Just popping in:  I'm 36 weeks today!  Barring unforeseen circumstances, this should mean I get to deliver at the local hospital with our beloved midwives, instead of at the NICU place with OBs like last time.  Huzzah!

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Yeah! Wishing and hoping all goes very smoothly for you!

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Pigirl, that is so exciting and such great news! Fingers crossed.

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I am 34 weeks 5 days today and was talking to my mom about baby probably being about 6 lbs (based on my son's size) and her reply was it's time to get this baby out.  This baby needs to come out already.  She is crazy!!!  I asked her to please put full term baby vibes out into the universe.  So happy Pigirl you have made it to the safe point!

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Gaaah, Samhope, she didn't say that?!  Oy!  Here, I'll counter it-- you need to keep that baby in for at least another few weeks.  Not done yet!  (My son was born at exactly 34w5d, and although he's fine now, I wouldn't recommend it if you have a choice.)  And I hear you-- I'm starting to get people saying things to me like "bet you're ready to have that baby!" and "you must be looking forward to not being pregnant anymore!" and each time I end up replying with how extremely grateful I am to still be pregnant.  Nothing like a preemie for your first pregnancy to make you realllly appreciate the last few weeks of gestation....  Here's hoping we all get to experience every last ginormous, swollen ankles, stretch marky pregnant July day.  :)

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p.s. olya_yurk, how's it going at home?  How's your daughter doing?

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p.p.s. I had my last 17P shot today!  And I had my GBS test done-- last time my water broke so early I hadn't had it done yet, and I had to be on IV penicilin every 4 !!! hours until they got the results back two days later.  Each little thing I manage to get done before this baby comes just feels so, so, so immensely satisfying!


Also, Ky-momma, if you're still pregnant my math says you're full term today.  How's it going?

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