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Tomorrow is my DD's UnBirthday - her Due Date and she will be 15 weeks old from her birth. She is doing very well. We saw her ophtalmologist today and she gave us the good news - her ROP has resolved. We will start early intervention soon. 


PiGirl and Samhope, how are you doing? Thinking of you!

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Happy Unbirthday to your DD!  15 weeks-- wow-- what an eternity for you guys.  I'm so glad you're starting to get some good news.  I hope it all gets much easier from here.


I'm still pregnant at 38w2d!  I'm nauseated and having some contractions, so I think it'll be sooner than later, but I am absolutely thrilled to have made it to term.  I felt like a rock star when the midwife said to me at my 36 week appt, "Oh, we just took you off the high risk list!"  Halleluiah.


Samhope, how are you?

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My full term baby was born on Friday!  A brief birth story is here:  http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1319944/queer-and-pregnant-july-august-and-september/160#post_16569556 .  I am so grateful for the experience of carrying to term!  Best wishes to you all!

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Pigirl, Congratulations!!!  Thank you for sharing your experience.  It really does give me hope that my next pregnancy will go much better than my first.

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Congrats Pigirl!!  I am 39 wks 4 days and still cooking along.  Such a different experience then last time.  Really grateful to be at this point and also ready to meet my little one:)

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Samhope.  Hoping all is going well with you and your little one.

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Just realized the message I posted more than a month ago did not appear here for some reason.


Pigirl, congratulations! Glad to hear such wonderful news! My very best wishes to your family!


samhope, hope everything is great with you and your new baby!

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I also think my post didn't appear- hmmm.  I had my little girl on 7/31 at 40wks 3 days.  We are amazed that we made it to full term and very grateful!!!  We had her at home and labor was short and intense.  Off to nap while my toddler is down for quiet time!

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Samhope, great news! Congratulations! 

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Samhope, congratulations!  joy.gif  And it's funny-- I delivered at 40 weeks + 3 days also.  Huh.  Those shots are incredible.  I hope all is going well with your family, and that you're getting some sleep. Thanks for the update.  :)

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