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Need a couple recommendations please!

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I have a hotsling, which I loved with ds when he got old enough for a hip carry.


I'm looking for something to use from newborn on up. I tried a ring sling when ds was a baby and hated it.


DH also wants a "backpack" type carrier. Any recommendations?



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Hmmm....if you are looking for one carrier to cover both uses, I'd say go for the Beco Butterfly II.  It has an internal harness and can be used early but works for back carries up to toddler years.  


For a newbie, I love a wrap.  I've only used a Moby but have lusted after the more flexible (and expensive) woven wraps.  The good part about woven wraps is that you can use them through toddlerhood as well.

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Its so hard to choose just one!  when my DS was newborn - i liked the Ergo.  I would still like it, but I am a plus sized Mom and baby doesnt fit so well, now that his legs are long enough to fit out of the leg holes - his legs strain to go around my waist.  But if you and DH are normal weight - the Ergo might be nice because it goes from very young to toddler years and can be worn front or back.

I liked the ring sling once LO got a little bigger - i still love that one for running errands.  I also love my hard frame backpack carrier - i got it at a garage sale for 50 cents - it has no name on it!  Most people do not like the hard frame though - i may be weird on that one - but for cooking, dishwashing and laundry its perfect!

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Thanks for the ideas! I'll look into those. I'm not specific on just wanting one, 2 or 3 might be in our future. LOL!

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We used a moby wrap in the beginning (that I loved!) and then used a mei tai from about 6 months to 3 years. I'm hoping to buy a woven wrap this year because I love wrapping, I'd also love a babyhawk but I'd much rather spend money on a woven. :)

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I'll be going with a woven wrap for our next.  Use like a moby from newborn until toddler.  I can still wear my toddler (almost 3) on my back in the rucksack carry.  Ellaroo is a popular brand.

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I've used an Ergo with the infant insert and a K'tan with my newborn.  Both worked really well and I would definitely recommend them for the early stage.  I liked the k'tan better for carrying him indoors and the ergo better for outdoors/walking longer distances.  He's just 7 weeks old, so I'm not sure how I'll like them once he's older.  
A few things to think about those carriers:  The ergo infant insert has been great to use with a December baby in WI, but it is padded and would probably be very hot to use in warm weather.   The K'tan comes sized to fit you, so it's hard to use with more than one person.  My husband and I were both using ours and his larger frame stretched it out so now it works really well for him, but doesn't work for me anymore.  (I just bought a moby so I have a soft carrier that fits me.)     
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Thanks ladies! I just bought an Ergo Sport thumb.gif I think dh wants a carrier that is just HIS (even though he could use the Ergo) so I'm still hunting down what would work best for him and make him feel special to have his own carrier  lol.gif

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What about a Kelty carrier? Are those any good? He says he doesn't necessarily want something to use for an infant (he's afraid of newborns... lol). He wants one to use on the front and the back OR one for the front (once baby has head control) and one for the back.

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I believe that Kelty makes a front carrier and a back carrier not one for both carries. My husband I made him a Mei Tai, he will also use a ring sling and a SSC. I would suggest that you google babywearing groups and see if there is one near you. Many offer lending libraries and have meetings that will expose you to many carries and carriers.

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Babyhawk has a new carrier called the Oh Snap. Check it out, I am looking at it for my hubby.

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