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20 week u/s today.

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And it's a GIRL!!!

After two boys, seeing girlie parts was such a shock.  I'm just thrilled! ♥

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Congratulations!! That's so exciting!!energy.gif

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Congrats! We've got our US on the 18th and after 3 boys it sure would be fun to have a girl.....The boys all really want a girl so I'm having to do a lot of coaching...*a boy will be great too!!!*  Part of me wants to girl so I can get rid of all the boy clothes and start over fresh!!! lol!

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Congratulations!!!! That must have been amazing. Have fun shopping for all the lace and frills. :)

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Congrats! I'm hoping for the same ... let the countdown till the u/s begin!!!

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Thanks guys!!  :)

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Congratulations!!  I had two girls first and I remember the shock of seeing a boy on my third:)  It sure took some getting used to. 

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YAY!  Congrats!!!  That is perfect  :)

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AW! Yay!!! I love having One of each...With a surprise on the way. I went Crazy making bows and cute little Mary Jane Booties. Sweet little girls. Enjoy it cuz with big brothers little girls get that 'bruiser' in 'em! joy.gifhug2.gif So happy for you.

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YAY! Always helps to have a couple of big brothers to look after you as well :)

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