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Cake Boss?

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Does anyone else watch Cake Boss?  I love his New Jersey accent and that everything is so family-centered.  I think it's awesome!  :-)

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We catch it every once in a while.  It's fun to see how they run the shop and what kind of antics they get into.

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I watched it weekly for awhile, but it started to grate my nerves a bit.  It's a little too 'rainbows and sunshine' for me.  Buddy's always raving about how wonderful these people are and that's why he's going to help them out by making them a cake.  Uh, yeah, that and the money they pay you as well as the money TLC pays you.  It just seems really fake.

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My daughter loves it. I just get hungry and jones for sugar.

It does bug me a bit how he goes on about how great his customers are, but uh, that cake costs more than one of our vehicles. Just guessing.


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My kids love it. I try to watch but it's so fake and staged, I just can't take it. The acting is horrible, the situations they find themselves in aren't believable - it's just dreadful.
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I've watched it some but I keep feeling like the customers have been sought out instead of just being regular customers to the shop.  It feels fake and preplanned. The cakes are fun though!


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I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in my thinking!

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I love hearing certain phrases in his tough guy jersey accent.. like "You gotta be gentle with the frickin flowers- fuggetaboutit!"
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We love it (I'm watching it right now, actually).  I enjoyed last night's show when they had their baby.  Such a cool cake he made for his wife!  The accents are the best part, to me... well, and all the cool cakes, of course. 


DH and I were just talking yesterday about how we'd love a fondant roller like they use; it really kills your hands to roll it out manually. 

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