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Kate Mazzara?

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I had my last daughter at the Greenhouse Birth Center and wanted to look into a home birth this time. I contacted Kate and will be meeting with her this weekend, but I was curious if anyone has any personal experience with her? She seems to be very well recommended by some of the other midwives that I've talked to. Obviously I'll learn more about her when I talk to her, but I'd love any input from someone who has used her as a midwife in the past!

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It's funny that you should post this now- I had never heard of Kate until a few days ago. I called her, and she was very personable and easy to talk to. She answered all the questions that I had and her views seem in line with mine. After we find out when we're due, I will be contacting her again to meet her in person so my husband can talk to her also. Will you please update this thread and let me know what you think of her after meeting with her?

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Kate is my midwife and I've delivered 2 babies with her.  She is fabulous, very knowledgable, easy talk to and laugh with.  I highly recommend her.  :)

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kate was my mw for my last birth. i originally had planned a UC, but felt 'called' if you will, to find a mw. she was a great fit for me/us, very laid back, but would have been as hands on as i had wanted. when my baby got 'stuck' coming out, she hopped right in the pool and popped him out! :)


 she as very easy to be with.

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 Will you please update this thread and let me know what you think of her after meeting with her?


Kate was just as friendly and easy to talk to in person! Her views on birth were the same as mine also, so she seems to be a very good fit. My husband would like me to meet with at least one other midwife in the area if there is one available, but I am definitely leaning towards Kate for our home birth.


Thank you for your responses!

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A bit late, but I just wanted to say that Kate was my midwife for my first homebirth (first two were hospital births) and I thought she was amazing. I highly recommend her. :)

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Kate was my midwife! I'm getting all sentimental now... my daughter is about to turn 5 yo on 4/22... I believe that I was Kate's first delivery in Michigan, not 100% positive, but I think so. (She was in TN before moving back to Michigan and of course practiced there.) She was an amazing MW and I loved my birth experience with her. :)


Highly recommend her! :)

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