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Please tell me about...

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Your primary *planned* c-section experience.

I am pretty sure I will be having one Thursday morning at 41 weeks for gestational hypertension and lack of pelvic engagment by babygirl...

I have tried all the home induction things I can...acupuncture, acupressure, borage oil, nipple stimulation/breast pump, natural protagladin application wink1.gif, 2 different rounds of castor oil, cohosh tinctures, and homeopathics. The best result is from acupuncture and as soon as the needles are out any sensation stops. I do have some bh but less than one or two an hour.

At the hospital last night I was on pit at 2 for 5 hours or so and didn't dilate and she didn't engage more. So the OB doesn't think an induction will work.

So, all that to say, I'm not feeling like I have reasonable options at this point other than c-section so no bashing. This is so far from what I wanted and where I hoped to wind up...

Please tell me about your planned primary c-section...anything you wish you had known going in that you'd like to share now? what can I expect? did you regret not being induced? advice? do I need more postpartum help than what DH can provide (ie he can cook and clean is that enough?) now that I'm probably having surgery?

Thanks for your experiences and insight!
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Are you taking anything to manage the high blood pressure? Beta Blockers?
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Did your OB tell you what your Bishop score was?  Or how dilated/effaced you are?  I personally do not respond well to pit (been induced 2x) and have to have levels much higher than that to even feel the contractions, let alone dilate.


How high is your BP?  Are you on bedrest?  Are you able to do squats, stair walking, lunges to help with engagement?


That said, I had a pseudo-planned primary c/s.  It was peaceful and actually quite healing after a scary first birth.  I would be sure to talk through procedures with your OB regarding seeing the baby, having her put on your chest (with DH's help), nursing.  The OB determines most of what happens to healthy baby and healthy mom in the OR, so he really makes or breaks your experience.  There are some other threads around about c/s birth plans that have wonderful advice.

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I am on bedrest. Last night it was scary high- 172/105. Today it is 133-142/80. I believe my Bishop's score is in the 3-5 range. Thanks for the c-section birth plan referral! I was looking around for c-section threads on here but not very successful. I thought there was a c-section forum but couldn't find it...better search terms will help I'm sure.

Thank you!!!
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Wow, Jenne, that IS scary!  I am a pre-e survivor, so I get where you are coming from. I was induced at 40w on the nose, cervadil then pit--maxed out.  I did have a vaginal birth, but it was no picnic, and it was harder due to how sick as I was getting.  If you are stable, though, AND you want to, I would push for at least a more aggressive TOL.  Induced vaginal delivery actually is recommended for GH as the recovery is easier, allowing mom's body to focus on healing from the GH rather than that AND surgery.  But you have to do what you feel is best for you and your baby!


Here is a list I got when I searched "c/s birth plan" here.  You'll find some good things to consider.

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You could google "natural c-section". One of my friends looked into that and it seems really cool - they try to make it as much like a vaginal birth as possible and it is supposed to really help with the wet lungs that some c-section babies get. If I have to have a c-section, that is the route I would go.

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My c-section was semi-planned; I was induced and after 4 days - nothing!  No dilation at all, I think my Bishops score was 1.  So by the time we got to the fourth day, I was ready for the c-section. 

I didn't have tons of notice, about an hour or so.


Mine was a great experience!  They had trouble placing the epidural, but after that it was smooth sailing.  I didn't get to hold DS while I was on the operating table because of the BP monitor on my arm, but DH did as soon as he was weighed and wrapped up.  They then wheeled me in recovery, and DH carried DS.  We then did skin to skin and latched him on.  The time flew by to me, I checked his baby book and they've said he didn't breastfeed in the first half hour, which I was surprised by.  It was def within the first hour at least.


The things I wish I'd known going in

- the Dr told me the surgery would take an hour, so thats what I relayed to our families waiting.  Well, that didn't account for epidural issues and recovery time, so my poor family was freaking out thinking something had gone wrong!!

- my milk took a long time to come in (came in eventually over days 6 and 7).  By then DS had lost 12% of his body weight and we had to supplement with formula.  I'm not sure if thats because of the c-section (they say it can delay milk a day) or a family thing as my mum had a similar time frame.  So just know that can happen, and if you have to supplement it won't necessarily damage your breastfeeding.  We're at 6 months now and still going strong!

- how much at ease I would feel after the birth.  I worried about whether it was the right decision for us, but it really was.  It was an incredibly peaceful birth and recovery.


I hope it all goes well for you and your LO!!

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(((Hugs))) One thing I was able to have with my c/s (failed induction) was that we had spoken with the doctor before the baby was born and we were allowed the 1-1 1/2hours bonding time before they took him to the nursery to do the long wait time (still too long) of evaluations. I've known other moms who they only give a few minutes or not at all until after they are done 'their' thing.


Only thing that I thought would be scary that wasn't bad at all was the first time washing my incision. I was so scared, it didn't hurt.


While I'm upset I had a c/s it really wasn't that bad, I wouldn't choice it, but its not like the world ended or anything.

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I had an unplanned c-section (also failed induction) I got to 7 cm and about 80 % effaced -


at any rate, the ONE thing I would change is this: It was agreed DH would stay with the baby as we did not want certain things (vit K shot; Hep B vax, etc) and he and the baby left about 1/2 way through. I was alone, and cold and lonely while they stitched me up. I really, really wish they could have had my mom suited up and ready to go to come in once DH left. As it is, they wouldn't let her visit me in recovery because she wasn't the one in the OR. I explained DH was with the baby, and the sign only says one visitor at a time, doesn't specify who.


But that is the main thing I would change.


I am planning on a VBAC this time, but if I HAVE to go RCS route, that will be my main contention, that DH and my mom can switch out.

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I have no personal cesarean experience. However, I wanted to mention that there is a chapter in "Birthing From Within" that is entitled "How To Give Birth If You Need a Cesarean". The author talks abou the power of semantics. Instead of focusing on the "section", thinking of it as another valid way to birth. A Cesarean Birth. "It makes a huge difference to see yourself (or another woman), as a mother who gave birth, rather than someone who was "sectioned". 


I think that your advantage may be that you do have a little time to wrap your mind around this and prepare yourself and you DH for what lays ahead.

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Hi Jenne,

I'm so sorry you're facing some challenges at the end of your pregnancy, and I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful birth, c-section or not.

My doula gave me a handout by Penny Simkin on "The Best C-Section Possible." I googled around and found it. It's listed here under "Articles and Handouts": http://www.pennysimkin.com/articles.htm

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Jenne, my first c-section was a failed induction.  The long and failed induction was really hard on my body and made the c-section really hard to recover from.  The nurses made me get up after 8 hours, and I wished I had put up a bigger fight to keep the catheter in for 24 hours, per Dr's orders so I wouldn't have to get up.  I stayed in bed for the first 24 hours after my 2nd c-section, and the recover was better.  I have a different OB this time, and I will probably have a RCS.  I informed her that I will spend the first 24 hours in bed.


I also made the mistake of eating a cheese pizza right away after the first c-section, and then couldn't poop so I couldn't go home.  I don't usually have any problems with that kind of stuff.  But after the second one, my first meal was a big salad, dairy-free, and every thing went MUCH more smoothly.

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Thank you all so much! Although I didn't go ahead with the planned planned c-section...I did have a semi-planned (ie I asked for it and a few hours later had it) c-section after *I* called it a failed induction. It took 12 hours to go from 50% effaced to 60% and 0 to 1-1.5. Then 10 hours to go from 1.5 to 3 and the 3 was had when I she said I was 2 and I asked if she could stretch me. So she did and I made 3! Yahoo! 5 hours later I hadn't progressed at all despite the highest level of pit I could tolerate without non-stop contraction (no s because at 12 it was just one long contraction without stop or start...yuck!). Anyway, I did spend the first 24 hours in bed. Wonderful! Then I did move around some between bed and bathroom because moving is good. I've tried to stay on top of pain meds so that I don't hurt and take it really easy and slow. Today is 4 days out and it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. But we are also getting ready for our first "outting" to the doctor and the most I have been out of bed so we'll see! smile.gif Again, thank you so much for the help and support. It is so nice. love.gif

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Congrats on your LO's arrival, Jenne!  You gave the induction a chance--your body just wasn't ready even though baby needed to come out.  I am glad that you are recovering well!  Enjoy your newborn snuggles.

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